Saturday, 16 June 2018

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Deadzone and Firefight news from Mantic Games...
Get ready for a summer of intense sci-fi action, as we unleash the Nameless in the Deadzone Outbreak summer campaign! For a limited time only, you can prepare for the Outbreak campaign by downloading the Deadzone 2.0 and Firefight rules for FREE! That’s right, they’re completely FREE! Head here to download your rulebooks and start planning your faction.


The Deadzone: Outbreak Campaign is coming! After the release of the hefty new supplement (which includes updated rules for all factions, new missions, new factions and more), we'll be running a global online Deadzone campaign. We've been going over the details over what you can expect to see in the coming weeks.
What's coming up this summer?
A brief overview of everything you can look forward to - start here!
Grab your laser rifles, ready your troops, and take to the fight across the war-torn planet of Starfall!
Exploring the Deadzone: Outbreak Supplement
The new book is packed with rules and features for every faction and every player. Take a look at what's inside.
These be-tentacled beings take centre stage as the main antagonists in the Outbreak Campaign. Find out more about them here!


To accompany the Summer Campaign  and new supplement, we've got loads of new releases for both Deadzone and Warpath. Check them all out below!
Deadzone: Outbreak
This one is really simple. If you play Deadzone, get this book. It has revised lists for all existing factions, revised missions and additional missions to make up 8 in total to choose from, rules for two new factions, new background, elite lists and so much more. It's necessary for the Summer Campaign, so pick yours up today!
Nameless Faction Booster
The Nameless are a brand new faction introduced in the Deadzone: Outbreak Supplement. This Faction Starter contains loads of never-before-seen miniatures such as the bizarre Psychotroid or the flying Needle Drone. Perfect if you want to play these enigmatic creatures in the Summer Campaign! Pre-order your set here!
The Blight
Brutal and uncompromising, the Blight overwhelms its enemies with a combination of raw strength and naturally produced caustic chemicals. Pre-order here.
The Terror
The Terror eviscerates its hapless foes with razor sharp claws, before scuttling back into the shadows to hide from retaliation. Pre-order here.
Hellermal Pattern Iron Ancestor
The Hellermal, or ‘Overkill’ pattern Iron Ancestor is deployed into dense urban warzones, where its close range weaponry can be deployed to full and devastating effect. Pre-order here.
Thor Pattern Iron Ancestor
Regarded as eccentric by other Forge Fathers, these veterans use their walkers’ tough armour to wade into close range and crush their foes through melee combat alone.Pre-order here.
Veer-Myn Tangle
The Veer-Myn fear and worship the Tangles in equal measure. Possessed of potent psychic abilities, these strange beings can turn the tide of a battle. Pre-order here.
Tunnel Runners
Travelling in packs, these ramshackle vehicles navigate the passages created by the larger Tunnellers at breakneck speeds. You can pre-order here. Also, there’s the chance to get a single Tunnel Runner too.
We have some new roles available at Mantic HQ - Studio EditorVideo Content Producer, and Website Manager. You can check out the specs and apply below, but remember that all applications must be submitted by the 29th June 2018.




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