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New for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar from Games Workshop...
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40,000Age of SigmarNew & Exclusive
Join the Soul Wars
Soul Wars
 Choose your side and join the Soul Wars in command of spectral legions of the Nighthaunt or the lightning-forged Stormcast Eternals. 
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52 miniatures, representing the mystical Sacrosanct Chamber and the terrifying Nighthhaunt.
320-page core book of lore, art and rules, dice, cards and much more.
Order yours online, and we'll send you a free set of exclusive variant warscroll cards – get yours while stocks last!
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Core Book
This tome is the comprehensive guide to epic adventures in the Mortal Realms. Here's just a taste of what you'll find in your copy:

• Rich lore that realises the Age of Sigmar in more depth than ever before
• Sumptuous new art, maps and more to inspire your journeys
• The core rules for your games
• Rules for adding the unique character of the Mortal Realms to your battles
• Expansions for open, narrative and matched play
And more! Get your copy in the Soul Wars box, or pick it up seperately as a hardback or ebook: 
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Malign Sorcery
Unleash magic as never seen before! Arm your heroes with 84 new magical artefacts, harness 13 new endless spells – powerful new summoned sorceries that any wizard can use – and much more in this massive expansion to Warhammer Age of Sigmar. 
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Part gamer's toolbox, part essential guide to matched play, all awesome, the General's Handbook 2018 is your gateway to another year of great games. With new content for every type of play style, how you use your copy is up to you... 
General's Handbook
General's Handbook 2018
Warlord Edition
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General's Handbook
General's Handbook 2018
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General's Handbook ePub
General's Handbook 2018
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Expand Your New Army
Easy to Build
 These push fit models are perfect for growing your forces from Soul Wars – and you won't even need glue to build them! Expand your Stormcast Eternals units, or try new options for the Nighthaunt.  
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Essential Accessories
 Battle over thematic objectives, never lose track of key info, make measuring and piling in easy – these accessories have been designed to make your games in the Mortal Realms run as smoothly as possible.  
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Nighthaunt Made Easy
 Painting your ghosts, spirits, ethereal flame and other advanced effects is simple with these paints – just spray white, apply a single coat of your chosen paint and you're done! 
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Store Finder
Try it for Yourself in store!
 Get stuck in with Soul Wars and try a free demo of the set at your local Warhammer store, Games Workshop or independent retailer. Find your nearest here:  
Games Workshop Stores
Independent Retailers

Soul Wars
Soul Wars – The Novel
 You've got the boxed set – now dive into this dark new chapter for the Mortal Realms with the Soul Wars novel – available in standard hardback and strictly limited special edition.  
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Black Library
Now in Paperback
 Delve into the dark future with the latest Space Marine Conquests book and the Yarrick Omnibus – 2 novels, 1 novellas and 7 short stories in one collection.  
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Malign Portents
Malign Portents:
The Forgotten Dead
Nagash's grand plan is reaching its final stages – follow the story so far with your latest free tale from Malign Portents.
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Last Chance to Buy
Get Them Before
They're Gone...
As the new era dawns, we're retiring some older starter sets – here's your chance to pick them up before they're gone. 
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