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Council of Seven Information Services (C.o.S.I.S.) - W



Wrath - Judwan Assassin, Wyn Greth’ski MVP.

KEY - Deadzone, Dreadball.

Wrath, Judwan Assassin.

Throughout their long and noble history, there has never been a Judwan warrior or a Judwan murderer, and certainly nothing like the psychotic assassin known as Wrath. At least, not until now. The following information has been pieced together from a variety of sources, and the truth of the matter will probably never be known for certain. The few that did know the truth of this code 8 secret operation are mostly dead. The handful that remain are running for their lives or hiding where they think he cannot find them.

It seems that he was taken from his parents at an early age and raised as an assassin for the Council of Seven. Producing such unwavering killers was probably only one order issued among many others and was long forgotten by the time he was old enough to be sent on his first mission. Still, he was their work.

His first mission was almost his last as the Enforcers he accompanied nearly shot him on the spot for disobeying direct orders under fire. Despite his excellence in training and simulation, when it came to reality he would not kill. He was, after all, Judwan.

The programme leader was give a month to persuade his subject to see reason. Failure would not be a healthy option for either of them. From that point the means of persuasion became increasingly blunt and desperate. Hypnotism, indoctrination, and behavioural therapy were quickly replaced by surgery, implants and mind-probes. These failed too, so more were tried, as was simple torture to break his will – to force him to obey. After a month the programme leader claimed a great success. He had broken the Judwan. Turning around such a high cost investment was such good news that even one of the Council saw fit to inspect this most lethal of new weapons in their arsenal.

Reports of this official demonstration are sketchy, but the results are clear. Today the assassin known as Wrath is the most wanted sentient in the galaxy. He is at the top of every Enforcers shoot to kill list and has been the target of no less than nine fleet sized actions. Small cities have been nuked in an effort to kill him, but he has slipped away quietly every time.

The main reason for this unusually costly pursuit is simple revenge. Wrath carries one of the Council of Seven’s ceremonial blades, and this he took from the dead hand of the Councillor himself. He cannot be allowed to live. His every breath is an encouragement to the Rebels and an embarrassment for the Council and the Corporation. The problem is that he was trained too well...

Wyn Greth’ski MVP.

Wyn Greth’ski was once consigned to the dank back rooms of the advanced cybernetics laboratories on Ico IV; a by-product of failed A.I. research and over-ambitious technicians stretching too far, too quickly. Wyn was eventually sold on to one of the major league sponsors as parts but was instead re-programmed; the game’s history and the tactics of the sport’s greatest players downloaded straight into its knowledge banks.

Originally a research platform and a forgotten about scout robot, Wyn was bought by the Orino Rocks, a minor DreadBall team in the Sanecron South league. They intended to use him as an Assistant Coach to analyse plays and suggest improvements, and with that intention they uploaded the entire history of DreadBall into his cortex: every recorded game, every MVP’s history, and decades of post match analysis. The next morning they found Wyn already on the pitch, practising drills they could barely understand. They hadn’t bought themselves an analyst, they’d found a new player.

Whether it was by some coding coincidence or that the scientists were too quick to abandon their project, it turned out that Wyn couldn't just play like the greats, he could adapt what they did, optimizing their performances and maximizing the output. Put to the test, Wyn soon became legendary for his ability to analyse the game, process a response and enact it in milliseconds. So 'talented' is Wyn that he has become the centre of debate regarding fairness and the use of robotics in the Major Leagues.

Gmorts Chaotica would like to thank James M Hewitt, Mantic Games, the Quirkworthy Blog, Titan Games and of course the Corporation for their invaluable assistance in the compiling of this encyclopaedia.

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