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Council of Seven Information Services (C.o.S.I.S.) - K



Kailasa - Asterian MVP, Kish - Plague Named Character, Koris Team, Kovossian Mutants, Kraato Gon, The Kraww, Kryphos - Koris MVP.

KEY - Deadzone, DreadballDreadball Xtreme.

Kailasa, Asterian MVP.

The Kalyshi represent a return to the old ways of the Asterians, and Kailasa epitomises this more than most. She is an Ilanesh: a matriarchal figure who leads her people towards a greater purpose. Unlike her forebears, who would have ruled over worlds and conquered civilisations, she has chosen instead to seek glory in the DreadBall arena. Indeed, she seems to have been the driving force behind the Kalyshi’s decision to take part in the sport. There is presumably some greater reason for her doing so, but whether this an intent to attack the GCPS from within or simply a desire to show her people’s prowess is unclear. When she plays DreadBall she is a ruthless warrior, leaving the ball to her team-mates as she tears through opposing players with ease. Any Kalyshi who share the arena with her are driven to greater deeds, none wishing to be found wanting.

Kish, Plague Named Character.
The exotic and sensual Sphyr have graced the pleasure planets and entertainment centres of Corporation worlds for generations. Nexus Psi was no different.

Kish was only unusual in that she had dreams of a better time, a distant and long-lost time, when her people had been their own masters and their rituals and traditions were still intact. She had avoided the most degrading of duties and merely stood in her traditional garb as an exotic curiosity to greet visitors to the convention hall and casinos of Lower Tiberia. Still, she had her ancestral shu-lith-nu and she had her pride – a pride that got her into a great deal of trouble, though never as much trouble as the Plague.

The fight against the mutant hordes had been fierce, but there were too many of them to resist for long. At first she assumed that she had died, then it seemed more as if she had been transported to some other realm. Perhaps she had been chosen – yes, that was it. Her faith in the old ways was to be tested. She was to face a trial by combat that would risk not only her life, but also her immortal soul itself. She could not fail.

At least, that’s what the unfortunate Plague victim Kish thinks is happening. The damaged and mutant remains of her once-proud mind muddle her proud dreams and her bleak reality into a strange mix of fantasy and fact. Her battles against the ancient foes of her race play out once more in her crazed mind as she slaughters the few surviving citizens of the shattered planet and fights with unbridled fury against anyone who crosses her path in an effort to cleanse her spirit and be at one with her gods.

Koris Team.

Malicious tricksters hailing from an alternate dimension, Koris have maintained a vendetta against the Asterians ever since the two met, and take every opportunity to blame their erratic malevolence on the elder race. They make use of otherworldly technology to open unstable wormholes in reality, an art they refer to as “portal spinning”. This lets them blink between dimensions and cross great distances in the blink of an eye, or seemingly vanish into thin air. More worryingly, they are not above using it to snatch unwary travellers from their ships and leave them stranded in the pandemoniac dimension they call home, for no reason other than to appease their cruel sense of humour.

Kovossian Mutants.

Kraato Gon.

Kraato Gon is a Teraton Engineer Sponsor of Dreadball Xtreme teams.

Kraww, The.

The Kraaw are unparalleled guerilla fighters, and enemies of the Rebellion have come to fear their swift, unexpected attacks from high vantage points – so much so that the winged aliens have had to adapt their tactics to maintain the element of surprise. Kraaw Warriors have recently set aside their traditional Stingcasters in favour of a wrist-mounted grav-blaster, retuned and overcharged to produce dissonant grav-pulses.

While this renders the weapon completely  non-lethal, the Kraaw have still found a deadly use for it. They will unleash a fusillade of blaster fire from on high, sending their enemies sprawling or pulling them out of cover, before swooping in to claim their kills at close range with their Talon Blades.

Kryphos - Koris MVP.

Following extensive testing by xeno-researchers across the GCPS, it has been found that the Koris are made up of two entirely distinct organisms – the eight-legged host creature, and an outlandish biomechanical symbiote. Although the latter creature shares control of the host’s brain, the two work in unison, seeming to act with a single will. Their society is anarchic, lacking overall leaders, but charismatic individuals with particularly advanced parasite-creatures can gather a following. Kryphos is just one example, a devious fiend who moves like a whirlwind and has developed a particular taste for DreadBall. He is capable of spinning several portals at once, a talent which would destroy any of his lesser kin if they attempted it themselves, and delights in causing havoc for the opposing team.

Gmorts Chaotica would like to thank James M Hewitt, Mantic Games, the Quirkworthy Blog, Titan Games and of course the Corporation for their invaluable assistance in the compiling of this encyclopaedia.

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