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Council of Seven Information Services (C.o.S.I.S.) - E


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KEY - Deadzone, Dreadball, Dreadball Xtreme.

Eclipse, Dreadball Sponsor.

It takes a lot of influence to be able to keep all of these egos in check, and no-one is quite as good at it as Eclipse.

Eddak P'mera.
The twin moons were both full, casting stark shadows across the quiet remains of what had once been a busy loading bay at the Nexus Psi spaceport. A year ago this would have been bustling all 26 hours a local day. Now all was quiet. A lone sentry shifted his weight from foot to foot, scanning his assigned sector and trying to stay awake while his comrades snatched some well-earned rest.

Silently, unnoticed, one of the shadows slowly changed shape and merged into its neighbour. A gust of wind blew some loose papers across the open space in front of the sentry and for a moment he was awake, but only for a moment. It was rubbish in the wind. Nothing to worry about.

The sentry relaxed again and once more the shadow moved, always slightly outside his field of vision. It was as if the darkness itself was stalking its prey.

This darkness was the Rebel scout, Eddak P’mera. The sentry hadn’t spotted him yet. Probably never would. Humans were so inattentive. Without turning, P’mera signalled to the rest of his squad who slid silently out of the shadows and began to make their final approach. He would use his crossbow to take care of the sentry…


Although the Reiker Corporation took great pains to only monitor Andromeda from afar, other corporations were not so patient. When a Spiczak survey craft entered the lower atmosphere it was attacked by a flight of Yarasa hunters. They were fought off by security troopers, and one of them – Eko’o – was taken as a prize.

Energy Shields.
Energy shields are designed to absorb the energy of incoming attacks, whether this is from particle weapons or kinetic energy devices. The number in brackets after the name is the level of defence provided.

The Enforcer MVP.

It's possible that the Enforcer was a DreadBall player before he joined the military, and is simply returning to his roots. What is a particular curiosity is his armour, which seems to be almost an entire suit of Enforcer battle armour - a rare and expensive piece of kit. It even retains its integral jump pack, which allows the Enforcer to be even faster and more agile than he doubtless is naturally.

Enforcers, The.

The Enforcers are the Council of Seven’s elite peacekeepers, dispatched to tackle threats that are beyond the scope of regular military units. Each Enforcer is a superior soldier, trained in countless forms of combat and equipped with the best technology available. As a unit they are disciplined and fearless, ready to lay down their lives to carry out the orders of their captain. When a Containment Protocol is decreed, multiple Enforcers patrols are sent to the planet’s surface to retrieve important tech, repel raiders and terminate priority targets. Although they may be outnumbered, they will never be outgunned.

Of the many types of human warrior fielded by the Corporation, the Enforcers are by far the most deadly. At least, that is the common perception. In fact, the Enforcers are not really part of the Corporation military at all. Instead they serve the Council of Seven directly, being loyal to them rather than the Corporation itself. Naturally, the agendas of the Corporation and its ruling body tend to coincide, but this is not always the case, and incidents of battles between Enforcers and Corporation regulars are not unknown. The Enforcers are the Corporation’s elite, dispatched to tackle threats that are beyond the scope of regular military units. Each one is a superior soldier, trained in countless forms of combat and equipped with the best technology available. As a unit they are disciplined and fearless, ready to lay down their lives to carry out the orders of their captain without a single question. When a Plague outbreak is detected, the Enforcers are the first line of defence, ready to do whatever it takes to stop the contagion spreading off-planet.

If an Enforcer shows greater-than-average skill in a particular area of combat, he will be earmarked for specialist training. Enforcer Snipers and Missile Troopers offer long-range fire support to cover their Strike Force comrades, while Engineers fill multiple battlefield roles, defusing explosive devices and deploying automated sentry guns.

The Enforcers have their own fleet of spaceships that allows them to move wherever they need to without relying on the Navy, or giving away their intentions to other factions within the Corporation’s labyrinthine world of political manoeuvring. Naturally, the Navy is less than happy about this, and the rivalry between the Enforcers and the various branches of the Corporation military proper is well known.

Deadzones are exactly the sort of reason that the Council of Seven feel they need their own army in the first place. When dealing with sensitive situations such as these they need loyal followers who ask no questions and do whatever is needed, regardless of the cost to either themselves or Corporation civilians. The Enforcers are all too willing to oblige and take great pride in the reliance that the Council places on them.

Enforcer Assault Marine.

A warrior should never be without his weapon, and the Dionetik Assault Blade was designed with this in mind. The blade is made of a bi-mimetic shape-memory alloy, meaning it can be deployed from its wrist-mounted sheath at a single command from the bearer. The Dionetik Corporation initially produced these with bodyguards and undercover mercenaries in mind, but they were soon adopted by Enforcer assault units. Several changes were made to the original design, taking into account the added benefits of powered armour, making Assault Blades a lethal addition to the Enforcer arsenal.

Enforcer Captain.

Enforcer units are notoriously tough, and it takes utter dedication to survive more than a handful of missions. It is no surprise, then, that Enforcers who rise through the ranks to command positions have almost superhuman levels of endurance and willpower.

Enforcer Engineer.

Enforcer Engineers are integral to operations during a containment protocol, capable of laying deadly traps and automated sentry turrets.

Enforcer Pathfinder Sniper on Infiltrator Bike.

When drone surveillance and orbital scans cannot provide the information needed to warrant full Enforcer deployment, the Council of Seven dispatches squads of Pathfinders to survey the landscape, relaying information back over encrypted channels.

Pathfinders are hand-picked from the ranks of Enforcers, taking on training under the harshest of conditions and specialising in a variety of weapons in preparation of their advance role. Several squads were sent to Nexus Psi alongside the regular Enforcer deployment, where they scouted ahead of the main force on Infiltrator Monobikes before taking up positions to give covering fire with their LSX Sniper Rifles.

Enforcer Peacekeepers.

Enforcers are tough agile troops. They get great equipment and excellent weaponry. With their training and discipline they are capable of fighting in all but the most difficult conditions.

However sometimes conditions are too hard even for an Enforcer detachment. Sometimes they need more.

The council equip the Enforcers with kit bought from the Forge Fathers. No expense is spared - they get the very best money can buy. Sometimes the Forge Fathers limit what they will sell, however. Sometimes the price is so high even the council blanches.

When a deal can be done the council purchase Peacekeeper armour. These suits are based on the Forge Father Orbital Drop Armour and have full-life support systems - capable of maintaining life for several days in even the most hostile environments - and they are armed with ordnance most armies can only dream of…

Enforcer with Incinerator/Burst Laser.

When the first artefacts were discovered, it didn’t take long for Enforcers to realise that fire is an excellent anti-Plague weapon – after all, infection can’t spread if the host is reduced to ash and cinders. The Recoil Industries MPFU-04 Incinerator became standard kit before long. Although short-ranged compared to some alternative units, its reliability and adaptability to multiple fuel sources makes it ideal for the claustrophobic skirmishes that usually occur in a Deadzone.

Enforcer Technology.
Enforcers are equipped with the best technology the Corporation or anyone else has to offer, bar the very top grade of Forgefather weaponry. Their armour is proof against most small arms fire and power-assisted, granting Enforcers enhanced strength and speed. The ubiquitous helmet is designed to inspire fear in the enemy, and a stylised graphic of it is used as a warning icon in government facilities galaxy-wide.

Proof against most hostile environments, including hard vacuum, Enforcer armour allows its wearers to fight in virtually all situations, and so must incorporate extensive recycling, rebreathing and medical technology, a marvel when one considers the armour’s low bulk. This factor of low mass also makes the protection given by Enforcer armour astounding, being surpassed only by that of the armour worn by the Forgefathers themselves.

Indeed, the armour bears all the hallmarks of Forgefather construction, and it is widely assumed that this element of Enforcer wargear is sourced from this most skilled of species. The contracts or threats Corporation Central offered to secure this equipment must have been highly enticing and/or dire, as Enforcer armour is far superior to technology the Forgefathers are willing to market to other powers.

As all advanced Forgefather technology tends to have, Enforcer armour possesses a self-destruction device, intended to keep their secrets from falling into non- Forgefather hands. In the case of the Enforcers it is even more effective than the norm. Not only are all the sensitive components of Enforcer armour destroyed when examination is attempted, but should an Enforcer fall in battle (or an attempt be made to forcibly remove his armour) his body will be turned to fine ash. A rigidly locked battlesuit of metal plates is all a foe will recover, ensuring the secrets of both the Forgefather’s technology and the man wearing it remain safe.

Unparalleled mobility is a further characteristic of the Enforcers. Lightweight jump packs are mounted upon their armour, enabling them to fly over obstacles, perform hot insertion into a theatre of war directly from aircraft, and redeploy from one area of a battlefield to another once there.

The primary weapon of the Enforcers is a heavy laser assault rifle, a modified Genling 45, one of the most powerful personal armaments produced in corporation space. These guns are capable of projecting a hail of fire, avoiding the problems of overheating and focus- fracture that so dog other marks of laser weaponry. It is rare indeed to see Genling 45s deployed with any other force, and private ownership is strictly forbidden. Genling’s manufacture of this weapon is thus almost solely undertaken for the Enforcers, and the precise specifications of these modified 45s are kept strictly confidential, ensured by terrifying non-disclosure agreements and the threat of corporate dissolution for Genling should the design of the Enforcer model become public. Genling also provide pistols and heavy weapons for the Enforcers, derived from the same base technology.

For close quarter fighting, Enforcer officers and members of Enforcer Assault Teams are equipped with wrist blades. Vibrational, nonomolecular edged weapons that extend from a housing on the Enforcer’s right forearm, wristblades are closer in aspect to a sword than a knife, and sharp enough to penetrate anything from carbon lattice to the thick hides of silicon-based lifeforms. How the blades maintain their atom-thick cutting edge without blunting under the rigours of combat, and whence they come, is a mystery. (It has been suggested, notably by Colonel Gore (ret.), that wristblades are purchased from the same unknown species which provide the Marauders with their Rippers – the similarities are self-evident.)

The Excavator - Brokkr MVP.

While Brokkrs have a great sense of tradition, especially when it comes to world-mining, they are always looking for new and more efficient ways of working. They have used remotes and drones for some time, especially when dealing with explosive charges, but the use of fully automated Gravjr mining suits is a relatively new development. These suits are deployed in hostile environments where atmospheric conditions or local fauna would make it impossible for a regular crew to work. When Rathmar Ul-Iheq was putting together a team to settle a wager between him and Kraato Gon, he decided to play the wily Teraton at his own game, and ordered a Gravjr to be reprogrammed for use in the arena. With its thick armour and heavy-duty drilling equipment it was an unstoppable juggernaut, and has since been wheeled out – either by Ul-Iheq or by those that pay him the extortionate usage fee – on multiple occasions.

Gmorts Chaotica would like to thank James M Hewitt, Mantic Games, the Quirkworthy Blog, Titan Games and of course the Corporation for their invaluable assistance in the compiling of this encyclopaedia.

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