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Targeters, Teraton, Teraton Dreadball Team, Tsudochan Team, Tycho Brahe - Brutal MVP.

KEY - Deadzone, Dreadball, Dreadball Xtreme.


Depending on the manufacturer, a targeter can use one of a variety of target designation and marking methods. Some use a laser, phased ion stream, microwave or other high tech approach. Others methods are cruder, simply squirting fluorescing dyes or distinctive chemicals on the target. Whatever technique is employed the result is the same: everyone now knows where the target is.


Several decades ago the glorious Teraton Empire approached the Global Co-Prosperity Sphere, offering trade and counsel. Despite their reputation as shrewd merchants, the Teratons did not expect scheming and duplicity from what they saw as such as young, hopeful race. Now yoked to multifarious Corporations by galactic trade laws, contracts and treaties, the Teraton Empire is a shadow of its former self. Younger Teratons, lacking the patience of their elders, are now often found leading the charge for Rebellion forces.

Teratons are hulking soldiers that pack one heck of a punch. The hot-headed pups that have left the Teraton Empire strap vicious looking weapons to their arms, seeking to use their supreme strength, resilience and intelligence in the fight against the Council of Seven!

Teraton Dreadball Team.

The thriving Teraton Empire is a relative newcomer to the galactic powers-that-be but they have already embedded themselves into Corporate culture. Master tacticians, auxiliary fighters and shrewd merchants, Teratons are deep-thinkers and incredibly intelligent, despite their huge size and ponderous movements.

When the slow, hulking Teratons first announced they were going to field a DreadBall team as part of a public relations stunt within the Co-Prosperity Sphere, these living tanks were ridiculed and criticized by the media and senior coaches – too slow to keep pace with the acrobatic displays of the big league teams, too big to be able to cope with the skill and finesse of the sport’s rising stars. Once again, Teraton intellect had been underestimated.

Well aware of their apparent weakness, the Treserarc Titans took to the pitch with cerebrally implanted teleportation devices, seemingly able to disappear into thin air with a knack of rematerializing just in front of a lone striker going for a big score or an isolated jack that was chasing down the ball. Their first match was a bloodbath and the opposing Isotek Angels team were consigned to their first major league defeat of the season. Since then, Teraton Teams and the associated *pop* of the teleportation devices have become part of the DreadBall legend.

The Avalanchers haven’t been around for long, but their hard-hitting play style has already won them plenty of fans. The fact that they’re giant teleporting reptiles doesn't hurt, either!

Rumours of Teraton involvement in anti-GCPS uprisings have been proven as nothing more than hearsay, as evidenced by the race’s love of DreadBall! Nothing says unity like the galaxy’s favourite sport. - Corporation Spokesperson

Tsudochan Team.

The Wanderers are a monastic order of travellers who roam the stars in search of cultures that might be convinced to follow the Path of the Galactic Truth. They prefer to preach to less advanced peoples who mistake their technological wizardry for divine miracle, but are more than willing to take the longer path with more advance civilisations. Wanderers have been abroad in the GCPS for some time now, mixing with all walks of life, so it is no surprise that they can be found on the underground DreadBall circuit, mystifying crowds as they seem to bend the very laws that govern the universe…

With Zen-like calm and cybernetic implants they are able to manipulate the electromagnetic fields around them seemingly giving them telekinetic-abilities. This allows them to “move the furniture” – such as throwing crates as opposing players, or slamming players against walls!

Tycho Brahe - Brutal MVP.

Hello fans, future and current. I’m Tycho Brahe.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the crowdsourcing project that resurrected Jonathan “Gabe” Gabriel following his… unfortunate demise. At the hands of a Space Ogre. With huge, meaty boulder-fists. Named "The Face-Eater". I'll let you figure out the last part.

Now, I know there are rumors that I set up the aforementioned “accident” because "I have literally said" that "Gabe is a talentless hack" who "only got ahead" by "screwing me over" and I’ve been "struggling in the backwater leagues ever since." Or that I swore to the "unholiest of all the unholy gods" that one day I would wreak my "glorious vengeance" upon his prostrate form. …but yeah, I guess I just wanted to say how crazy that all sounds.

Especially considering I was one of the major backers behind the resurrection campaign! Do people really think I paid to bring him back, just so I could kill him all over again? Now that's crazy.

Gmorts Chaotica would like to thank James M Hewitt, Mantic Games, the Quirkworthy Blog, Titan Games and of course the Corporation for their invaluable assistance in the compiling of this encyclopaedia.

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