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KEY - Deadzone, Dreadball, Dreadball Xtreme.

"Mad Scot's" Dreadball Pitch.

Former mentor to the raucous Krushers team, “Mad Scot” was famed for investing his fortunes in a DreadBall Training Academy in the highland planets. Emblazoned with the proud Red Lion, many of the sport’s rising talents learnt their trade under the watchful eye of the 'Scot.

ManticCorp All-stars.


The Orx were not always mercenaries and brigands. For a good time their considerable martial skill was put to good use by the Corporation; they were equipped and trained to act as shock troops and guards by decree of the Council itself. Once the Orx realised that they could use their new skills to their own benefit, they rebelled on a scale that demonstrated their cunning. The Marauders, as they became known after the Mandrake Rebellion, are now a terror of the shipping lanes, known for attacking cargo haulers and pillaging spaceports. They see a Deadzone as an opportunity too great to pass up, even if they have to fight their way through a fleet blockade to reach one.

Originally, the Orx were one of the many races inducted into the Corporation military and they fought well for their human masters. Over centuries they became increasingly militarised and eventually began to question why they were carving out empires for the humans when they could keep them for themselves. More than a few wars started that way.

These days, the Marauders are famed mercenaries and are some of the most professional soldiers known to the Corporation. They are regularly hired both by and against Human forces and take a great deal of professional pride in being apolitical. Most Marauder units will be uniformed and uniformly equipped with state-of-the-art weaponry and support equipment. They are drilled in modern tactical doctrine and can be relied upon to undertake any mission with practised skill. They strike out at the GCPS with the very weapons with which they were outfitted, combining well-honed battle drill with brute force and low cunning. A Deadzone presents a great opportunity – a chance to both pillage for supplies and take a shot at their erstwhile employers.

Of course, when they aren't working for someone else’s money they work for themselves. Having been made privy to the secrets of the Containment Protocol many years ago when the Corporation was learning to deal with such problems, the modern Marauders know that there are rich pickings to be had within them. Few would think twice at the idea of stocking up on new technology and supplies when all that protects the bulk of them is a few poorly trained militia.

The Marauder forces themselves are a mixture of different, but related races. These range from the smaller Goblins to the enormous Hulks, with the Orx forming a standard near-Human scale that allows them to use most captured equipment with ease.

Goblins are now as much a part of Marauder fleets as Orx are, their keen eyes and sharp reflexes making them decent snipers. It was also a Goblin that first came up with the idea of strapping demolitions-grade explosives to a savage Mawbeast, creating one of the most unconventional weapons in the Marauders’ arsenal.

Although they understand the importance of stealth, they also know the value of a full frontal assault. When the times comes to set aside subtlety, veteran warriors don Ripper Suits, armoured exoskeletons bristling with ranged or close assault weaponry. Meanwhile, Hulks lend massive fire support with their H.E.W. Cannons, obliterating even the most well-armoured foes.

Despite their reputation as bloodthirsty savages, they retain the discipline and tactics of their training, and nowhere is this more evident than their Commando units. Each Commando is a veteran fighter, specialising in stealth and guerrilla warfare – precisely what is required when fighting amid the lethal ruins of a Deadzone.

Guntracks were once popular among Corporation armed forces, but when Accutek started pushing the HSW-04 – and its hefty exclusive-use agreement – they were forgotten almost overnight. Most have now found homes among Marauder fleets, where goblin crews treasure them for their sturdy construction and excessive firepower.

As they are professional mercenaries, you can find Marauders in almost every combat zone across the Corporation and far beyond. They are unable to discuss the strange sights they have seen outside the Sphere for reasons of professional discretion, but few doubt that they have come into contact with stranger aliens than are currently defined by the Corporation’s public data banks.

Within the confines of the Deadzone the Marauders have yet one more ace up their sleeves – they are naturally immune to the Plague.

Marauder Commandos.

The Orx were not always mercenaries and brigands. For a good time their considerable martial skill was put to good use by the Corporation; they were equipped and trained to act as shock troops by decree of the Council itself. Within the regime the Corporation secretly introduced the Green Watch Enhancement Programme, training the biggest of the Orx as elite Commandos. This need breed of soldier was faster, stronger and more intelligent than regular Grunts, trained in the art of subterfuge and sabotage.

Even after the rebellion the brutal elitist regime still exists within Marauder Society, the Dreadnaught-Class starship Supremacy, stolen in a legendary raid by General Gruik’s “Lucky Fives,” housing the Green Watch Training Academy. It is here where the Commandos learn their trade.

The Commandos are bigger, elite troops rather than regular Grunts and have been sculpted with the design of the Marauder Warlord and DreadBall Marauder Guard in mind.

Marauder Commando Captain.

Orx are cunning creatures, but are perfectly happy to let the citizens of the GCPS see them as bloody-minded savages. The highest-ranking Orx exploit this misconception, luring their enemies into well-placed ambushes and launching tightly-planned lightning raids.

Marauders Dreadball Team.

Orx and Goblin teams are always popular with a certain type of DreadBall fan – the sort who doesn't care about the ball or the final score, just so long as there are plenty of casualties along the way!

Ex-pirate scum turned major league heroes? The Greenmoon Smackers bring a wealth of violent tricks and brute force to the arena floor in a spectacular demonstration of brawn over brain!

Marauder Hulk.

It’s often mooted that the Lu-Fan Corporation’s decision to bring Hulks into the Orx training programmes was one of the key factors leading to the Mandrake Rebellion. While their destructive potential and stubborn refusal to die made them a terrifying prospect for the Corporation’s enemies, it didn’t take long for the Orx to realise that their dim-witted kin had been turned into deadly warriors. Hulks are now often found leading the charge during Marauder raids, delighting in the explosive destruction they sow with their Slam Cannons.

Marauder Mawbeast Bombers.

Mawbeasts are a common sight in Marauder camps. Bred to be intimidating and obedient and enhanced with mechanical “upgrades”, they are used primary as guard-dogs, but occasionally they find a place on the battlefield. In fact, it’s a surprisingly common occurrence for an enterprising Goblin to strap a Mawbeast with explosives and drive it towards the enemy. If the teeth don’t get ‘em, they say, the big bang will.

Marauder Ripper Suits.

The Gorsch Corporation shot to fame when its Heavy Load Exo-Suit was adapted for combat use by Marauder units. With the addition of dense armour plating and support-level weaponry, the Exo-Suits became a common sight on battlefields across the galaxy. Although the Marauders no longer work for the Corporation, there are rumours that Gorsch still provides them with suit upgrades – for a price, of course.

Marauder Ripper Suits with close combat weaponry.
Orx believe that the most prestigious kills are the ones made at close range, so it’s no surprise that it’s become common practice to refit Exo-Suits for this purpose. Countless Orx have replaced their suits’ ranged weapons with heavy-duty combat weaponry, usually repurposed from industrial machinery. It might seem crude, but no one who’s been on the receiving end of a HammerJack can doubt its efficiency.

Marauder Ripper Suits with long ranged weaponry.
The Gorsch Corporation shot to fame when its Heavy Load Exo-Suit was adapted for combat use by Orc units. With the addition of dense armour plating and support-level weaponry, the Exo-Suits became a common sight on battlefields across the galaxy. Although the Orx no longer work for the Corporation, there are rumours that Gorsch still provides them with suit upgrades – for a price, of course.

Marauder Sniper.

Although Goblins are as much a part of Marauder fleets as any of the other greenskins are, their lack of obvious battlefield potential often goes against then. However, their keen eyes and penchant for stealth leads many of them to become marksmen, carrying long-ranged rifles that let them stay out of harm’s way while sowing chaos in the enemy’s ranks.

Marauder Stuntbot.
An older generation Strider combat suit, the Stuntbot is piloted by a single dexterous Goblin who, with a fully enclosed set of armour and a big gun, suddenly isn't’t that frightened of getting into a scrap.

Mechanites Robot Team.
The DGB's annual TekFest competition always attracts the brightest (and wierdest) minds the GCPS can produce, and the winners are invited to showcase their latest creations on the pitches of the Galaxy's Greatest Sport. They're not quite sure the wrecking balls meet guidelines, but the crowd seem to like them.

There was a time when the regulated DreadBall arenas of the Core Worlds only played host to human teams. Aliens soon followed, once the DGB realised the chance it had to expand its audience, and for a time crowds thought there was nothing new that could be introduced. Then A.I. teams were introduced, and they went crazy all over again.

Looking back, it’s hard to believe that the media had its doubts about robot teams. It wouldn’t be fair, they said. Machines that could be built with DreadBall in mind would unbalance the game. However, once a few additional rules were defined, even the staunchest detractors had to admit that they brought a whole new level to the sport. Now robot teams make up a significant percentage of any DGB-approved league. When the latest underground DreadBall leagues sprang up, the only surprise is that it took so long for mechanical players to show up.

The biggest difference between DGB-sanctioned robots and their unlicensed equivalents mainly comes down to the motivations behind their creation. While professional robot teams are slick, crowd-pleasing droids with the ability to change shape and enact any one of a huge number of Showboat subroutines, the robots that are found participating in the underground arenas tend to be a little more practical. Some are the result of group builds, others are made by obsessive engineers and tinkerers, but they are almost all patchwork creations made from construction mechs, clearance drones or outdated military hardware picked up at grey-market auctions. It’s wrong to assume that this makes them ineffective.

In fact, unbound by the myriad rules and regulations that hold back their registered counterparts, their creators have the chance to be a lot more creative when equipping them. Tesla projectors, demolitions gear, magnetised ball-slings and even jet units are a common sight in the underground leagues. In the early days there was a preference to at least attempt to make them look like their fancier equivalents, but as the crowds cottoned on to the idea that illegal robots could be so much more entertaining, this was cast aside in favour of making them as different as possible. It was at this point that the term “Mechanite” was first tossed around, and it’s stuck ever since…

Sponsors who field Mechanites in their teams tend to do so both because of their crowd-pleasing potential, but also because of how easy it is to replace them. They are a perfect choice for less morally ambivalent Sponsors, or those who would rather not go through the effort required to find new flesh-and-blood players after each game. It’s much easier, and more ethical, to be able to crack open the hood and strip out the damaged parts or just build a whole replacement unit.

With so much brutality and death in Xtreme, someone is going to have to recover the bodies – enter the Medibot!

This hulking robot – and stylish hoverbed – can enter play and try and recover fallen comrades, either bringing them off for treatment or trying to revive them on the pitch. The pistons on the bed extend to allow a wide variety of player sizes to be retrieved in relative comfort...

Mee'kel Judwan MVP.

Mee-kel is modest and unassuming despite being the heir to the Judwan Throne. He describes himself as “just another Striker”, but even if his abilities were merely that good, he is another Judwan Striker and so a force to be reckoned with. On the pitch he is easily distinguished by the hooded Kreelat he wears in mourning for the loss of his world. This marks him out for special attention by the opposing Guards, but to the Judwan in general and to Mee-kel in particular the respect this shows is worth the pain.

Mellisandra MVP.

Mellisandra was once the mercenary chief of the Diabolic Sevens, an Asterian rapid attack force. With her specialized military training and hand-to-hand combat expertize, turning to the pitches of the Galaxy’s Greatest Sport to seek her fortune was an easy choice for this glory-hunter. Mellisandra is a former mercenary captain, smuggler and bounty-hunter.The DGB are more than happy to overlook Mellisandra’s shady past as a pirate and smuggler, given the entertainment value of her reckless plays and last-minute dashes.

Mission Log.
Mission log 332\19\a Log begins. Our objective is a piece of experimental technology, function classified. Prior to the outbreak it was being held in the Lu-Fan warehouse district – outpost D-9 – but audio logs indicate that a group of researchers tried to move it to a safer location. Intel concludes that their transport was brought down when they tried to pass through D-12.

While we don’t know what hit the research team, we do know that the area was recently chosen by a group of Marauders as the site for a base camp. Considering the facts, it is unlikely that they are aware of the existence of the experimental tech; however, we can expect resistance on our approach.

I have already assembled a strike team. I have chosen 03\Baraka, 07\Yuri and 08\Ryler as the vanguard of the group, following sweep drill 021, with 02\Toval giving heavy fire support in case of armoured units. 12\Aral is the obvious choice to recover the device, but he will be accompanied by 09\Hyris – whom he has briefed – as a backup. Assuming all goes well, Hyris will also provide short-ranged defensive support while Aral completes his task.

Review to follow after extraction (crossref 332\19\b). Log ends.

The short, but violent history of DreadBall has given rise to some household names. Everyone’s heard of “Blind” Skaggar and Yurik “Painmaster “ Yurikson, and who could forget Grag the Unstoppable’s short, but incredibly bloody career (especially if you were watching that game in 3D)? Of course, the still unbroken strike total of Meek Sleekit from the Bay City Brigands is the target for every rookie striker in the training camps.

M’zei Kein, Tsudochan MVP.

While the Tsudoshan Wanderers are an autonomous order, they still maintain ties with their people. First and foremost, this is the responsibility of the Callers, whose innate telepathic abilities are enhanced to an almost impossible degree by advanced devices known as dream-helms. They speak to their counterparts on the Elder Worlds in a language of pure thought, telling of potential allies and new worlds. The Wanderers present in the GCPS are accompanied by an individual known M’zei Kein, who was a master of hand-to-hand combat before taking on the mantle of Caller. Although his kind usually stay away from contact with the races the Wanderers encounter, he is different, preferring a more direct route. He intends to study the intricacies of DreadBall by participating, hoping to learn more about the culture that spawned it before reporting a conclusion to his people.

Gmorts Chaotica would like to thank James M Hewitt, Mantic Games, the Quirkworthy Blog, Titan Games and of course the Corporation for their invaluable assistance in the compiling of this encyclopaedia.

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