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Council of Seven Information Services (C.o.S.I.S.) - H



Hector Weiss - Speedball MVP, The Helfather, HEW Guntracks, Hexan - The Witch of Visvera, Hobgoblin Team, Holo-Sight.

KEY - Deadzone, Dreadball, Dreadball Xtreme.

Hector Weiss - Speedball MVP.

DreadBall is the most popular sports game going, but it’s not the first to put players into a high-tech arena where violence is important as skill with a ball. Hector Weiss was a superstar Speedball player, a member of perennial underdog fan favourites Brutal Deluxe. He was at the peak of his game when the team’s Galactic Tour fell afoul of a deep-space anomaly that sucked him out of his cabin. As he blacked out, he thought it was all over, but he couldn’t have been more wrong. Waking up in a strange place where no one seemed to have heard of Speedball, he soon discovered the local equivalent and signed up to the first league available. DreadBall was everything he hoped for, a fitting showcase for his skill and showmanship. He just needed to find a vendor selling ice cream and it would be like he never left home…

Helfather, The.

Many of the mercenary warriors who ply their trade on the fringes of Corporation space have blood-curdling nicknames and impressive ranks. Few are as well-deserved as that of Shadrek Mal-Raz, the Helfather, whose heat-cannon has claimed countless lives.

The assumption is that he is a Forge Father by race as his armour and weaponry are all made by that most secretive and closed culture. However, it is clearly a customised or at least extremely rare form of equipment as no other examples have been reported on other battlefields.

In combat, the roar of his double-barrelled heat cannon is as distinctive as the clank of his massively armoured exo-suit. He is to be found at the forefront of the attack, destroying everything within reach. Vehicles are reduced to semi-molten smouldering heaps of slag, habtainers are shattered and their contents set ablaze, even the concrete foundations are cracked and blackened by the searing heat.

The survivors of this assault emerge into an inferno of destruction and it is these tragic few who have dubbed him Helfather.

HEW Guntracks.

HEW Guntracks were once popular among Corporation armed forces, but when Accutek started pushing the  HSW-04 – and its hefty exclusive-use agreement – they were forgotten almost overnight. Most have now found homes among Marauder fleets, where goblin crews treasure them for their sturdy construction and excessive firepower.

Hexan, The Witch of Visvera.

Visvera is a planet orbiting a dying star, blasted by radiation. The effects of the radiation is yet unknown by scientists, though reports from the planet suggest mutations, instant death – as well as the appearance of seemingly super-charged individuals – are rife.

Hobgoblin Team.

In an inspired attempt to improve their public image, a group of Hobgoblins (and a few Hulks who had been convinced to join in) formed the Hobgoblin Sports Alliance, scraping together every credit they could to pay for uniforms, advertising and branding advice. Months into the campaign, with several teams having trained up under the best DreadBall coaches that not a lot of money could buy, terrible news struck: the DGB weren’t interested in them. (The fact that this hadn’t been checked before going to such incredible lengths is symptomatic of why Hobgoblins don’t usually get involved with anything that requires any form of organisation.) Utterly dejected, the HSA broke up and went their separate ways, some wearing their custom-made DreadBall armour into battle as mercenaries, others finding new uses for it altogether. A fair few made their way onto the underground circuit, where at least – they argue – they can demonstrate just how much work they put into the endeavour.


The view of the world through a holo-sight is enhanced by computer to include the likely impact point of the weapon’s shots. This allows the user to fine tune their aim before giving away their position, and makes the first shot far more deadly.

Gmorts Chaotica would like to thank James M Hewitt, Mantic Games, the Quirkworthy Blog, Titan Games and of course the Corporation for their invaluable assistance in the compiling of this encyclopaedia.

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