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Jetari Drones ( Brawler, Thrower) , The Judwan, Jump Packs, John Doe MVP, Judwan Dreadball Team.

KEY - Deadzone, DreadballDreadball Xtreme.

Jetari Drones.

Jetari Brawler and Thrower drones were designed for use in training drills, but Sponsors aren't above reprogramming them for use as cheap players.

Jetari GL14 “Brawler” Drone

According to a recent poll, Brawler Drones are responsible for 73% of all training-related injuries among DreadBall players. They might be a little overzealous in their application of force, but the Sponsors who hijack them for use in the arena think that this just makes them all the more appealing.

Jetari SL22 “Thrower” Drone

Thrower Drones can be found in training halls across the GCPS, where they are used in drills to put Guards and Jacks through their paces. Reprogrammed, they are a cheap and reliable option for hard-up Sponsors that want to add some flair to their teams but can’t afford real Strikers.

Judwan, The.

The Judwan are a calm, peaceful race, each one following the ancient Mu’shen’wan path to spiritual enlightenment. A staggeringly large number of them are healers, using a mixture of dazzling technology and ancient medicine to care for those with whom they share the galaxy, but never asking for reward or recompense

Jump Packs.

It is important to understand that jump packs are not full flight suits. After many studies, most military's decided that the huge weight of fuel required for sustained flight would be better allocated to more ammunition and bigger guns. Jump packs enhance the user’s range of movement, but do not allow them to fly

John Doe MVP.

Of course that’s not his real name. His real name takes three minutes to say and major surgery to pronounce. Unlike some of his more mysterious fellow MVPs, John Doe is happy to discuss his history and origins; it’s just that few people can understand. JD’s tentacles are also what give him his unusual playing style, for although he is a Guard, he protects his charges more by ensnaring the opposition than by thumping them.

Not surprisingly, his armour is custom made and cannot enclose him as neatly as it would a more conventionally shaped player. Digby has allowed him some leeway with the uniform rules on account of his unusual physique – a ruling which created a storm of protest and cries of favouritism from the Coaches, but which the fans were very happy about. Incidentally, this was the ruling that opened the door for many of the other alien players you now see in the leagues, as prior to this they were banned not for their alien nature per se, but because they couldn't fit neatly into DreadBall armour.

John Doe will play for every team except the Marauders (no one knows why).

Judwan Dreadball Team.

The Judwan are a placid, calm and peaceful race. How they got to be exiled from their home planet, and how they ended up playing DreadBall is a long story that must wait for another time. Suffice to say that they were unfortunate in revering a land under which considerable mineral wealth lay, and doubly unfortunate in lacking a formal military.

DreadBall has provided them with both a focus for their time and a means to raise funds for their eventual return. It has been a long struggle, and is likely to go on for many years yet, but as long as it does the many fans of DreadBall will be more than happy to watch the unique Judwanese style on the arena floor.

The tiny number of Judwanese teams play an odd game of DreadBall. The have neither Guards nor Jacks and do not try to damage their opponents. Instead they simply outplay them. A Judwan Striker needs no glove to catch or throw the ball, instead using his long, lithe arms and slender fingers to launch the ball with as much or more speed than other races. Their games are fast and often surprising with a tendency to end suddenly in a 7 point landslide.

Gmorts Chaotica would like to thank James M Hewitt, Mantic Games, the Quirkworthy Blog, Titan Games and of course the Corporation for their invaluable assistance in the compiling of this encyclopaedia.

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