Saturday, 22 February 2014

Council of Seven Information Services (C.o.S.I.S.) - V



Veer-myn Dreadball Team, Vlorox Spinpede.

KEY - Deadzone, Dreadball, Dreadball Xtreme.

Veer-myn Dreadball Team.

Veer-myn teams have a haphazard style of play that keeps their fans on the edge of their seats, but usually costs a few players their lives. Good thing there are always more where they came from!

Thudweiser League winners, the Stealers are an underhand and dubious bunch whose list of fouls is only exceeded by their speed and cunning – which is why the crowd love them!

Vlorox Spinpede.

The Vlorox are a society of asteroid-dwelling insectoids that first came to light when Gorsch mining crews reported that their equipment was being chewed on. Although they’re not too bright, it’s not too difficult to train Vlorox Spinpedes to curl around a DreadBall and roll towards the enemy Strike Zone.

Gmorts Chaotica would like to thank James M Hewitt, Mantic Games, the Quirkworthy Blog, Titan Games and of course the Corporation for their invaluable assistance in the compiling of this encyclopaedia.

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