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DBR-7 Firewall MVP, Dead Man Davitz - Plague MVP, Deadzones, Doctor Gayle Simmonds, Dozer Teraton MVPDreadball (Dreadball Teams, Dreadball Sponsorship), Dreadball Cheerleaders (Extreme Cheerleaders), Dreadball Coaches, Dreadball Keepers, Dreadball Mech, Dreadball Refbot, Dreadball Trophies, Dreadball Xtreme (Dreadball Crossovers), Drones. 

KEY - Deadzone, Dreadball, Dreadball Xtreme.

DBR-7 Firewall MVP.

DBR-7 “Firewall” is the product of advanced research by Mutsunembu LLC to muscle in on the lucrative Sports Robot market to fulfil a gap for a Keeper variant. By the time Firewall was ready however the gap had already closed and new technology made it possible for the latest batch of Sports Bots to transform into this fourth type. Despite this, DBR7 prototype was put through its paces on the DreadBall Pitch and was so successful that the DGB decided to purchase him for his PR value. Many years on, and it would be hard to imagine the MVP circuit without him.

Dead Man Davitz, Plague MVP.

The Trontek 29ers have been the public face of DreadBall for as long as anyone can remember, and each of their players is a household name. Gregor “The Big G” Davitz, their former Head Guard, was particularly well-known for his ability to come back from any injury. Unfortunately there are some things that even the finest medical technology can’t fix, as he discovered when he was dismembered by a trio of Orx during a grudge match against the Greenmoon Smackers. His remains mysteriously vanished before he could be given a proper funeral, and a short while later he re-emerged on the underground circuit, “resurrected” by someone who clearly had more enthusiasm than skill and was using some very questionable back-alley technology. He might be an unspeakable monster, a mindless freak of science that really shouldn’t be walking, let alone playing DreadBall, but once a fan favourite, always a fan favourite.

Containment Protocol is a well-organised process of damage limitation and control. It starts by removing the affected area from all maps, all navigation computers and all communications channels. Where a system of planets once span around their sun there is nothing but a blank space. At least, so it would seem to the outside universe. Of course, the planets still exist and so does the problem for the Council, it’s just that they now have the lack of public scrutiny they need to be able to deal with it as they please. A cordon of Enforcer warships is positioned to monitor this space, ensuring that nobody enters or leaves without authorisation. Inside the Containment are one or more planets and perhaps many millions of human and alien citizens, all suddenly cut off from the wider Corporation. Those in transit between worlds find themselves suddenly without navigation aids as all their local maps are removed from the grid without warning. The lucky ones manage to find a habitable planet close by. The less lucky drift off into the darkness. Cut off from outside help, many planets will gradually slip even further into lawlessness and chaos, so it is important to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. This may include the use of normal Corporation troops, though most such missions are given to the fanatically loyal Enforcers.

Even so, news of such measures inevitably leaks out and the borders can never be entirely secure. Without the normal security protection of the wider Corporation, such an area is too attractive a proposition to many different warring groups and the bribes to inform about them are huge. Rebels and Marauders are attracted by the wealth of Corporation spoils to be ransacked; Forge Fathers see a chance to plunder the natural resources of long-forbidden sites; yet others see it as a way to revenge or enrich or simply seek adventure. For those who are stuck inside the Containment Protocol it is a matter of life and death. As far as the Council of Seven and their forces are concerned, a Containment Protocol is a problem to be solved – nothing more. The pirate fleet must be destroyed, the rebellion quelled, the aliens repulsed, the infection stamped out. None of these problems can be allowed to spread beyond the bounds of the Containment Protocol. The lives of those inside are not a consideration in the wider scheme of things. They are largely left to fend for themselves for the years or even decades it takes to resolve the problem. Even then, the Council may not want any witnesses... Whilst this process and these areas are formally termed Containment Protocol, even the Council’s loyal Enforcers simply call them Deadzones.

Doctor Gayle Simmonds.

Doctor Simmonds was one of the genius minds on Nexus Psi, stationed as both an archaeologist and biotechnician. Gayle Simmonds was one of the scientists responsible for unleashing the Plague on Nexus Psi. Mutated beyond recognition and driven utterly insane, she now has one goal – exact revenge upon those who left her to die.

By the time the Containment Protocol was ordered and the Enforcers landed, Simmonds had already lost her team to the mutant beasts roaming the streets. Having received basic training by the security teams on board her ship during spaceflight, Gayle managed to preserve her life a little better than the others – but it was only a matter of time before the Plague caught up with her.

Defiant in the clutches of a rabid second generation, her body succumbed to the mutant virus, warping far faster than any other victim previous. She eventually awoke from the turmoil, her need for knowledge greatly exaggerated, a base desire to cause pain greatly inflamed.

With vengeance on her mind, Simmonds vowed to destroy those that had left her to this fate.

Dozer, Teraton MVP.
One of the few female Teratons to grace DreadBall arena, Dozer’s natural size gives her a distinct advantage over her male counterparts – one she’s not afraid to put it to use.

Despite her irrational fear of the Nameless (ew, tentacles!), “Dozer” is not someone you tease lightly. Headstrong and reckless by Teraton standards, “Dozer’ is a living tank and immensely strong. Cunning use of her teleportation device means that “Dozer” always seems to be in the right place at the right time, electrical trails blazing all around her as she flails her entire body to beat her opponent into submission…

The ultimate test of skill and tactics for any major-league coach, the colossal stadiums of Ultimate DreadBall reverberates with the screams and cheers of millions of fans. Hulking mechs and monstrous aliens are thrown onto the huge pitches to play ball and teams from all over the galaxy clamour to compete in the hope of winning the competition’s considerable prize.

Dreadball Teams.
As with any sport, some teams are just more famous than others and each race has their favourites...

Dreadball Sponsorship.
There are many things that make a DreadBall team legendary and many a team’s strength lies in their brand. Veerminator branded hoodies, Rico Van Dien’s major sponsorship deal with VitaCarbs ™ and the Cheddar Gorger’s endorsed range of Sliced Cheeses are all examples of the brand power DreadBall Teams attract.

Dreadball Cheerleaders.

Though the Denton Dazzlers are the most famous, nearly every DreadBall team has a group of enthusiastic cheerleaders to rouse the fans in support. We all know that wildly cheering fans can spur the players on to heights they would never reach without the uplifting support of the crowd. For this reason most teams include a troupe of cheerleaders whose job is to excite the crowd and get them to cheer on the team with such fervour that they play at their absolute best.

Much like the action on the pitch, DreadBall Cheerleading is a physical sport in its own right and, if Catalina Luvan’s right hook on Goblin Stunner Kruela Dancov is anything to go by, it can be just as bloody. For the most part, DreadBall Cheerleading Troupes belong to individual Stadiums rather than specific teams (though some wealthy Corporation owners employ their own as well).

Gone are the days of the Pom-Pom – Cheerleaders instead wear energized Flexire skirts and carry sophisticated ‘shields’ that shimmer with trails of bright colours, team logos, point-scoring explosions and half time advertising. They also make great protection when the crowd starts getting rowdy and begin throwing things…

Extreme Cheerleaders.

Cheerleaders – what would we do without them? Even on the brutal pitches of the far future, Cheerleaders make their presence known, building the crowd up to fever-pitch. With their advertising screens attached to their arms they display provocative images of the violence on the pitch, carefully intersected with advertising for the sector’s latest hot weapon or narcotic.


Dreadball Coaches.

Coaches are busy people. Before a game they are arranging the advertising, tasting the canapés, scheduling training, counting equipment, booking transport, arranging interviews, approving merchandising and a thousand other details. They have to schmooze with the sponsors, argue with the arena staff and deal with the many divas among their highly-strung players. It seems that nothing can be done without them, and everyone feels free to demand a little of their time.

Dreadball Keepers.

A Keeper is issued with new armour and a DreadBall glove, though unfortunately he is not really trained in its proper use and simply uses it to cannon the ball down-field. Unlike pure Guards who cannot Pick up the Ball or catch, a Keeper can, though he cannot Throw the ball like a Jack or a Striker, but they do have a unique action called Punt.

Dreadball Mech.
Coupling speed and strength with mechanical precision and a state of the art DreadBall glove, these hulking Mechs are re-purposed military machines, kitted out for the battlefield (minus the big gun of course!)

Dreadball Refbot.

Dreadball Trophies.
Every DreadBall Coach has one goal: earn silverware. Without the prestige of trophies a DreadBall team cannot attract the best players or, perhaps even more importantly, sponsorship. Without the backing of a major corporation and the marketing and financial backing that comes with it, winning a major trophy is very difficult.

Dreadball Xtreme.

You think you know DreadBall? Bunch of so-called athletes getting paid millions of credits to run around a sealed arena and knock each other around? You wanna see a real sport, come to Perestia Prime next cycle. Then you’ll see what DreadBall was always meant to be…

DreadBall Xtreme is DreadBall’s evil twin, a nasty, underground sport that’s easy on the rules and heavy on the violence. Teams duke it out across a cluttered makeshift arena, ducking past stacks of crates and hazardous equipment to score Strikes while bloodthirsty fans cheer from the sidelines. Wealthy Sponsors bring players together with promises of fame and wealth or threats of pain and death. With no one to stop the bloodshed, anything goes! Sucker punches and stomps are the norm, and the introduction of explosive collars, deadly traps and bloodsucking aliens only increase the level of violence.

Games are organized in prisons and warehouses at a moment’s notice, using industrial scenery to shake things up - everywhere from the scoring zone to the ball launch location can change!

To gain entry to a game of Xtreme, some of the underground rings issue an inconspicuous currency token to punters. These simple discs vary in design from game to game to prevent counterfeiting, and are redeemed at the door for entry. Some of the pieces from the most notorious games become highly sought after in their own right, and fuel a collector's market. The legality of trading these coins on the aftermarket is a grey area – the Corporation are keen to clamp down on all merchandising opportunities they don't control.

Enigmatic Sponsors are the powerful organizers behind the game, Sponsors dictate your play-style and are experts in intimidation, blackmail and illegal gambling. Best of all, Sponsors allow you to build entirely unique teams out of any player combination you like!

Dreadball Crossovers.
“Eliza Casi here, reporting live from the Sportak Direct SlamBall Arena for SBNSC, sponsored by StimShake supplements, for the stimulation you need to get out of bed in the morning!”

“Reports are coming in that Huge Stein is in attendance having flown in from Andromeda this morning. After conducting meetings with DGB chief Jesus Ortiz, a number of freighters were quick to set down on the landing pads around the Arena, though doors have remained sealed. What spectacle do they have plan- Oh, there’s movement! Stein is out of the stadium and the doors are open. There’s…. there’s smoke everywhere. And the lights have gone out! Sam, are you getting this on camera? There’s shadows, there’s – there’s a group of them!”

“There they are! It’s confirmed ladies and gentlemen – after weeks of rumor and speculation, tonight’s game with the Chromium Chargers will be against…"

"… the Kalistara Ravens!”


“Eliza Casi here, reporting live for Sportak Media, formally SBNSC, from Landeau Pastures where inexplicable scenes have broken out.

Earlier this morning, huge crowds descended on the arena as the Unincorporated left their ship. Reports suggest that the Sorak and Ralarat were pummeled with Pompani Fruit, and violence broke out when the Kentauri "Aeolos" approached fans.

Tensions in the sport have been raised since the DGB authorized the team to play in the sector as many believe they represent the anti-establishment ideals of the rebellion.

All we know is, the Void Sirens have got a game on their hands today.”


Survey Drones are used for a variety of military and civilian purposes across the GCPS, allowing a single operator to watch over a large area from a safe location. They are manufactured by various corporations in a multitude of designs; the Jetari One-Shot, for example, is a simple camera drone that is often used by exploration and retrieval teams because of its disposable design. Rebel forces often use survey drones to scout battlefield locations and gather intel before putting them to use in engagements to scope out enemy positions.

Gmorts Chaotica would like to thank James M Hewitt, Mantic Games, the Quirkworthy Blog, Titan Games and of course the Corporation for their invaluable assistance in the compiling of this encyclopaedia.

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