Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Mantic Games Newsletter - Time to Play Ball.

Apparently Mantic Games have some kind of Kickstarter on at the moment...

...there's some events news as well...

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Adepticon, Salute and the DreadBall National Finals are all around the corner!

Event Tickets and Pre-release Scenery at Adepticon!

Adepticon is coming 3rd-6th April with the Clash of Kings Kings of War Tournament 2014,DreadBall Tournament and a big Deadzone game all on the cards!

Not only that but we’re going to have the first of our Scenery Sets at Adepticon as a special release. Oh yes, you will be able to pop over to the Mantic Retail Stand and pick up a huge box of scenery, available 3-4 weeks ahead of release date, packed full of Fortifications, Landing Pad and Defense Line sprues!

Our fully modular hard plastic scenery is ideal for all skirmish or mass battle sci-fi gaming systems and we heartedly recommend coming over to the stand and having a look – if you want to pre-order your scenery set and collect it at the show, you can do so via our “Pick up your Scenery at Adepticon” product now on the website!

You can reserve other products by including the Pick up at Adepticon in your basket when you checkout. Orders must be placed before the 24th March to be eligible.

DreadBall Xtreme is on Kickstarter!

The DreadBall Xtreme Kickstarter funded in a little over 30 minutes. We’ve broken through a load of stretch goals, including unlocking the Kovossian Mutants Plague Team, which you can pick FREE with a pledge of RageRampage or Uproar.

Video: Kickstarter Video
Video: 5 Ways Xtreme is more violent than DreadBall
Video: Ronnie explains Frenzy!

We really appreciate the support we’ve been given so far and hope that you’ll join us for the journey and help make the remaining teams a possibility.

Calling all DreadBall Players

The DreadBall UK National Final is being held at Sanctuary Gaming Centre on the 9th March where you can play against the best DreadBall coaches in the country, as well as members of the Mantic Staff, as we take to the pitch and play ball!

Our DreadBall tournaments are great fun for veteran coaches and newcomers alike – so don’t be discouraged if you don’t think you can win!

Tickets are limited to 40 people and over half have already gone. Find out all of the information on the Mantic Games website!

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