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Council of Seven Information Services (C.o.S.I.S.) - G



Gabriel "Gabe" Jonathan, Galactic Tour Series (Azure Forest, DreadBall Challenge Cup), Galdo - Rebs Kraaw MVP, Gemini Twins MVP, Gorim Ironstone MVP, Glue Grenades, Grak - Furon MVP, Grogun.

KEY - Deadzone, Dreadball, Dreadball Xtreme.

Gabriel "Gabe", Jonathan.

When Jonathan "Gabe" Gabriel died on the pitch, smashed into a uniform paste by the legendary Buzzkill, it was assumed to be the end of his career. When a jockstrap rich in genetic material was discovered, he became the first crowd-funded resurrection by cloning.

Galactic Tour Series.

Azure Forest.

On the edge of the GCPS, DreadBall can be a little different than in the high-tech Core. The open-air arenas of Azure IX, situated amid the moon’s massive rainforests, bring a whole host of new challenges even to veteran players.

They’ll have to deal with changing weather, local lifeforms and some very excitable fans if they’re going to make it in the Azure Forest League!

DreadBall Challenge Cup.
Devised by Hugo Stein, the Xtreme Challenge Cup is legendary amongst the underground. Games are set in the most dangerous locations the organizers can find where sponsors must throw their teams into the mix not only against each other, but against the brutal conditions they find themselves in…

Corporation-Designated Hazard System - work in progress
Magmarax for example is a lava planet where teams can be expected to play around volcanic eruptions and intense heat, whilst Andromeda is a planet shrouded in night time, where one can never really be sure of what’s hiding in the dark…

Galdo, Rebs Kraaw MVP.

Galdo is in big trouble. Ever since he left the Kraaw homeworld to join the Rebs, it’s been one scrape after another. He joined a raider crew, specialising in ship-to-ship boarding actions, but took to the lifestyle of a devil-may-care pirate a little too quickly. Racking up more gambling debts than he could ever afford to pay back, he was forced to quit the Rebellion and go into hiding. His past eventually caught up with him on a shady substation where he ran afoul of a local crime lord.

For his debts, he had his eyes gouged out; for murdering a prominent mobster as he tried to escape, he had his wings clipped; for using insulting words, his voice box was removed. He was left to die in an abandoned warehouse, and would have succumbed to his fate if not for a mysterious benefactor who somehow found him. His eyes were replaced with advanced bio-organic goggles, and his voice was restored after a fashion, although the only word he can speak is a harsh “Kraaw”.

The price for this salvation became apparent when he found himself shipped off to play DreadBall for a series of underworld teams. The terms were made clear to him: play for a decade, wipe the slate clean, and he’d be given back his voice and set free. It wasn’t going to be easy, but he’d give it his best shot…

Gemini Twins MVP.

Gemini is a cybernetic consciousness that was birthed during a cataclysmic battle between two rival artificial intelligences in a remote ThaunTen Labs test-vault. They were engaged in a complex, systematic assault on each other’s systems, each fighting to prove dominance, until they simultaneously broke their opponents’ defences.

Their already overworked CPUs triggered a loop cascade that closed down both consciousnesses and caused the death of the entire on-site staff. Time passed, self-repair circuits working overtime, and eventually a single entity emerged from the destruction: Gemini. It was formed from the greatest parts of the two intelligences, but the ordeal had wiped its memory banks, leaving only the most basic functions intact. Gemini began a quest for knowledge, its eventual goal the same as it had ever been: to conquer. Realising that it needed a physical proxy, it activated a pair of robotic drones, and tasked them with freeing it from the test-vault.

Now Gemini moves through the networked systems of the underworld, gradually restoring its memory-banks. The discovery of DreadBall, with its array of lunatics and depraved murderers, piqued the crazed intelligence’s interest. Now its drones – which it refers to as “Harmony” and “Melody” – are gathering information in the most direct way possible.

Gorim Ironstone MVP.

Nobody expects Forge Fathers to be fast, and it’s true that even Gorim is unlikely to break any records against the Veer- myn. But among his kin he shows a real turn of speed. Whilst you might be forgiven for expecting an old warrior to take up the game as a Guard, Gorim now avoids combat entirely, preferring instead to pay as little attention to the opposition as possible as he goes about his scoring. This entails absorbing quite a lot of punishment, which he soaks up without complaint. As his fans in the crowd roar, “He can take it!”

Glue Grenades.
Glue grenades are not harmful, being designed for law enforcement to capture and contain rioters rather than armies to kill opponents on a battlefield. However, it does take time to get free of their gooey strands.

Grak, Furon MVP.

Grak the undisputed champion of the Furon arena, a hulking, dogged character that has spent his entire life playing for his Tsudochan task-maskers. In the arena, whether that’s the Furon games or the Tsudochan shipping him off to play on whatever backwater world is prepared to pay for his services, Grak is renowned for his immense strength, fully capable of picking up opposing players and hurling them across the pitch as if they were naught but a DreadBall...


Groguns are often looked down on by “civilised” society as brainless thugs. However, their straightforward demeanour and thick-set frame belies a keen mind and a knack for technology. 

Many of them have found their way to the ranks of the Rebellion, where they often act as both heavy-support troopers and engineers.

Gmorts Chaotica would like to thank James M Hewitt, Mantic Games, the Quirkworthy Blog, Titan Games and of course the Corporation for their invaluable assistance in the compiling of this encyclopaedia.

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