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Forge Fathers, Forge Father Brokkrs, Forge Father Brokkr with Muspell-pattern Rifle, Forge Father Forge Guard, Forge Father Inferno Drill, Forge Father Urban Demolisher, Fortified Defence Line BattleZone, Freya, Forge Father Smuggler, Frag Grenades, The Furon Arena.

KEY - Deadzone, Dreadball, Dreadball Xtreme.

Forge Fathers.

Secret deals in dark corners are the bedrock of the Forge Father way, but you can’t hide on a DreadBall pitch. Everyone can see the grim determination and hardy courage of these stubborn players.

It all began with a deal, as is common with the Forge Fathers. They would be allowed to play in the league in exchange for certain mining rights and technical know-how. These days, after years of play and several league victories, it is hard to imagine the leagues without the doughty presence of the father teams, first among whom are the stalwart players of the Midgard Delvers. One of the first alien races to be allowed in the DreadBall arena, Forge Fathers don’t mind that countless non-humans now make an appearance in the arena. After all, it just means more opponents to beat!

The Forge Fathers aren’t the most demonstrative race, though DreadBall has rapidly built a fanatical following in the mining fields of their domains. Forge Fathers are the only race allowed in these teams, and while recruiting can be slow (like most things with these folk), there always seem to be more available when you need them.

Forge Father Brokkrs.
“They think they can sell us mining rights then close the whole system? Put up a blockade, and turn us away? The smeltheads. Way I see it, they’ve spoiled the agreement, so all bets are off. Forget mining. We’re going to take it all…”

–Chief Brokkr Saxulf Dellingr

Brokkrs are the metal scrap merchants of Forge Father society. They aggressively excavate an area for whatever materials they can find with the aim of putting them to good use back in the Star Realm – whether that’s raw minerals or concrete foundations. They are protected on their mission by the Forge Guard, though they aren’t bad in combat themselves. Each carries a Hailstorm Pistol to defend themselves with, and their heat hammers are perfect for swatting aside pesky Plague or irritating Asterians.

Forge Father Brokkr with Muspell-pattern Rifle.
Forge Fathers know better than to be left wanting in a fight and, in addition to the Forge Guard entourage a ship may carry, the armoury is stocked with heavy duty weapons. Too powerful for a Brokkr to use without power-assisted Aesir armour, a modified version of the Heat Cannon called the Muspell is used instead.

When the Brokkrs are forced into a fight, they do so with devastating fire power at their fingertips.

Forge Father Forge Guard.

Forge Father Inferno Drill.
Brokkr Engineers have harnessed the power of one of their hull-mounted Inferno Drills – an industrial mining laser – and have bolted it onto a tracked base. On the battlefield it is difficult to manoeuver, often leaving the operator at risk from oncoming fire, but can cut through all but the toughest armour.

Forge Father Urban Demolisher.

Fortified Defence Line BattleZone.

Citizen Jael had read all of the reports – colossal abominations, mutated aliens and rumours of supersoldiers executing civilians. He had hoped that the Enforcers would quarantine the area in Nicorasi on the south coast but the disease was virulent and intel was coming in suggesting the outbreak was more widespread than first thought. Jael looked up at the Laser Cannon Engineer Talbot had installed and over to the defence lines being erected. He hoped it would be enough.

Freya, Forge Father Smuggler.
With a crash the door smashed open and the Rebel trooper almost fell into the bunker. “There’s a… a… ” he gasped between gulps of air.

“Sanders!” barked the sergeant. “Report!”

The panting Rebel snapped to the best impression of attention he could muster, still gasping for air.

“Sorry sarge” he managed between breaths.

“Now lad, take your time” said the sergeant rather more gently. “What did you see then?”

“Private Sanders begs to report an enemy sighting, sir.” “Yes, well that is why we’re here son. Who’d you see?” This simple question seemed to confuse the trooper for a moment.

“A Forge… Father.”

“With the Orx? Hmmm, that’s unusual. Still, mercs turn up all over and you’ve seen them before. What’s got you so spooked about this one Sanders? Is he Forge Guard?”

“Not exactly, sir. He’s a she – a female Forge Father… er… mother... sister…” he trailed off into silence.

After a moment he continued “But they don’t exist.”

Frag Grenades. 
Frag grenades are the standard type of grenade, exploding in a shower of deadly fragments and stunning blast a few seconds after the pin is pulled. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, though their game effect is always the same.

The Furon Arena.

The Furon Arenas are stocked with inexhaustible supplies of the most violent species. From wild Yndij to starved Nameless Yxaal, these feral beasts are chomping at the bit for flesh and blood. Teams entering the Furon Arena have to win the game as early as possible or face certain death.

The Furon Arena pits your players against an unruly team consisting entirely of bestial and brutal versions of the Free Agents in the gladiatorial Tsudochan arenas on Furon. It's a unique tactical challenge of survival against an unrelenting wave of bestial fury.

Gmorts Chaotica would like to thank James M Hewitt, Mantic Games, the Quirkworthy Blog, Titan Games and of course the Corporation for their invaluable assistance in the compiling of this encyclopaedia.

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