Monday, 28 April 2014

Hasslefree Miniatures Newsletter - All Caught Up

Some new releases...

All Caught Up!
*whew* We're finally all caught up after Salute, all orders dealt with, many 'many' freebies sent out, office back in place and so on.
For anyone wondering if we exaggerate, trust me, we really do not :) Ask any retailer who attends the show, you'll find the larger their stand the more grey hairs and this year we had 48ft to manage. I'm starting to look like Reed Richards.
As such, just a quickie again this week. We're back to work proper through the week, starting tomorrow, so there'll start to be new and interesting things happening again that isn't just unpacking and catching up on orders. This week though are the first 4 of the Salute pre-releases, so let's get on with that!
Woldur of Bolverk
Woldur of Bolverk
Woldur hails from the same Northern Township as Jholkar, Bolverk. Dressed in their traditional style of heavy trousers, skirt and belt but bare-skinned on the torso, Woldur carries a double-bladed battle axe, hunting knife and drinking horn.
Painted version by Duff
Laerys Kevandil, Dragonkin
Laerys of the House of Kevandil, third family of the Northern Woods. This elven sorcerer is a fearsome magic-user in his own right but his true skill lies in his ability to communicate with any dragon, wyrm, drake or wyvern.
Armed with a crystal staff, scrying sphere and carrying a number of potions and other doodads :) Oh yeah, and he has a baby dragon.
Painted version by Angel Giraldez
Ryjka MacHroth, Blackrock Dwarf
Ryjka hails from the cold, stark, mountains of the Blackrock Isles.
Seen here at ease, enjoying a pipe and drinking horn, with his trusty axe swung over his mighty shoulders.
Painted versions by Ritual and Dargrin
Thorri Jarlsson
Thorri is the younger sibling of Falgrim and third son of Jarl the Giantslayer.
Unlike other younger sons Thorri takes his responsibilities very seriously and rarely leaves the clan. Armed and armoured in the same fashion as his older bother he comes with axe, shield and outfitted in thick leathers and furs.
Norse Dwarf Multipack
The first of a number of new multi-packs planned for the coming weeks, the Norse Dwarves.
All seven Norse Dwarves, sculpted by Tre Manor. They go incredibly well together and the multi-pack represents a 15% saving over buying individually!
(Ryjka is a Blackrock Dwarf so is not included, hopefully we can persuade Tre to make some more Blackrock Dwarves for us ;) )
And FInally
Next week we'll have some more multi-pack deals, and news of restocks and the like that we'll be working on through the week.
We'll also see the return of the Whites so we'll have a lil bribery for Kev to get to work on some figures to round out some ranges during May :)
Told ya it was another quickie!
'Til next time,

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