Friday, 11 April 2014

Salute 2014

So I'm off to Salute tomorrow to steal as much stuff as possible from help out on the Prodos Games stand in between sneaking off to find material for blog articles and frantically photographing any new Mutant Chronicles Warzone Resurrection stuff that may be on the stand....

...said stand can be found by following this ancient treasure map...

I may be also implying that my blog is far more popular than it actually is in order to blag gear for review purposes...but only in moderation, lol.

In the highly unlikely event that you actually want to say hello to me then I'll be there in my 'real world' persona of 'Garreth'. He's relatively harmless as long as you avoid being alone with him too long where there are sharp things or power tools...basements are probably a good place to avoid as well but I hear that the Salute venue is both well lit and popular enough to be relatively free of lonely, empty corners...but I digress...

If you want some kind of visual aid then one of the following angry looking bad-asses is me... pop over and say long as you can guess which one is me of course...

If on the other hand I've somehow offended you in some way and your coming to Salute with the intent of hurting me in some way then I must warn you that...

Hopefully I'll have some decent stuff to show you all when I get back.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.


  1. have fun and looking forward to seeing the interesting finds you acquire (steal, beg, etc)



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