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Mantic Games Newsletter - Disciples of Deception

I like the Gargoyles...though not enough to start a new I haven't even finished my undead yet...

Disciples of Deception
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In the midst of the Dwarf lines, the mighty Dwarf Berzerker Lord heard the bellowed challenge and smiled to himself. He had seen the cursed Halfbreeds' intent as soon as their charge had begun, and had restrained his Ironclads from going to meet them, directing them instead to the right flank of his force, deployed behind a hedgerow.

Left unchecked, the Halfbreeds would have outflanked his army, before destroying them piecemeal as the rest of the forces hit the front. A troop of Ironguard remained close by to offer support as needed. This course of action, while sensible, also afforded him the opportunity to meet the bellowed challenge.

The simmering fury of his ‘Red Curse’, never far from the surface, erupted into white hot fury as he watched the slaughter of the artillery crew and the destruction of their vulnerable weapon. His scouts had seen the so-called Supreme Iron Caster abroad only the previous day, and he had hoped to face the despicable creature himself. With no sign of him, the monster before him would have to do. Any semblance of rational thought was fleeing his brain as the familiar red mist descended, and with a touch of his heels to its mighty flanks, Helbrokk surged forwards, jaws champing with anticipation...

Read the full story in Hellfire and Stone - and join the biggest game of Kings of War ever at the Open Day.

From the fires of hell...

New Reinforcements for the Abyssal Dwarfs are coming in May, with the GargoylesLesser Obsidian Golems, and Dragon Fire Team all making an appearance.

There’s also the new Ba'su'su and Arhak Soulbinderspecial characters, plus Ghenna, Keeper of the Black Flame as well!

These fearsome new warriors add speed, strength and outright brutality to an army that already boasts one of the hardest cavalry units in the game (the Abyssal Halfbreeds) and the plastic Immortal Guard.

You can also get the Gargoyles and Golems earlier by getting the Abyssal Dwarf Army-Set.

Happy Easter everyone!
Mantic is Moving!
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We're moving our offices and warehouse to bigger premises!

We’ve outgrown our space at Greasley Street, there’s barely enough room to swing a Mawbeast, and we’ll be moving into our location at the start of the May.

We're moving into a new building.

This will mean there will be some disruption to orders being shipped as the warehouse will be closed for about 2 weeks and the server is being moved.

The warehouse are closing at the end of the month (we’ll let you know exact dates) – but we advise you to place your orders as quickly as you can if you want to avoid disappointment!
Bank Holidays
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Friday 18th April and Monday 21st April are both Bank Holidays here in the UK and we're taking a well-earned rest!

This means that there will be limited support this weekend - we'll be back up to speed on Tuesday.

Will you brave the Weather?
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Became the legendary champion of Azure XI in the mighty DreadBall Azure Forest tournament being held the Mantic Open Day on the 17th May.
The tournament uses the limited-printDreadBall Azure Forest pack, resplendent with unique MVP A'teo Adyssi (that CAN be used in the tournament) and additions to the rules.
Check out the tournament pack for all of the details.

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The Events List has now been updated for 2014 - here’s the full list for the next couple of months:

20th Apr - Shadow Games - Deadzone and DreadBall Demos
24th Apr - Learn to play Deadzone and DreadBall Demos, Hemel Hempstead Wargaming Club
26th Apr - Clash of Kings - Firestorm Games
4th May - Dicini - Norwich
10th May - Carronade, Scotland
10th May - Clash of Kings - Stockport
17th May - Mantic Open Day
30th May - UK Games Expo
1st June - Partisan, Newark

Check out the Events List for all of the details.
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Mantic Games, Greasley Street, Bulwell, Nottingham, NG6 8NG England.
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  1. I see that a lot of the new releases are described as "premium plastic" rather than the usual "plastic" or "sprueless plastic". Could this be a new material, or is it just a new name for their sprueless resin/plastic material?


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