Monday, 7 April 2014

Unboxing Warzone Resurrection - Golden Lions

Though it's unlikely that I'll ever have the finances to be able to do unboxings on everything in the entire Mutant Chronicles Warzone Resurrection range (much that I'd love to) I will be doing them on any that I get my hands on.

I have a number of Warzone models acquired before they started to put them in boxes so a number of my 'unboxings' will actually be 'unbaggings' I'm sure you've all seen pictures of things in a bag so we'll skip that bit...

We'll look at both sides of the parts 'as they come' without any clean-up in order to give you a complete picture of what you get and what work they need.

The kit includes Stat Cards for the models as well as a number of 'Strategy', 'Tactical' and 'Gear' cards for use with the advanced rules. Some of these cards are only available with certain models but this is helpfully labelled on each card. Where there are multiple quantities of each card I'll just show one of each type.

Stat Card.

Tactical, Strategy and Gear cards.
There are often more than one of each card and sometimes as many as three or four but showing the same cards multiple times seemed a bit redundant.

Each of the three Golden Lions bodies is in a slightly different pose and each arm comes with a ball joint which allows the arms to be posed in a variety of ways. Mould lines are virtually none existent and I had absolutely no assembly issues whatsoever...

Despite it's obvious close combat bias the model does have a gun mounted on one arm. At least it gives them something to do while they're closing on the enemy and as they each have three wounds they should be able to get stuck in fairly reliably...

Here's some close-ups of some other areas of detail as well...

Some Painted Ones...

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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