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Mantic Games Newsletter - Build Big Battlefields

Mantic Games are really pushing their terrain system though to be fair it is excellent value for money...

Build Big Battlefields
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Battlezones – the range of modular plastic sci-fi terrain went live at the start of the week and the response have been overwhelmingly positive.

Capable of covering a 6x4’ gaming table, or a dense 4x4’ board, the Urban Quadrant is available as a special pre-release in April – and includes 2 BONUS Ruin Sprues on launch!

Due to demand we have had to put a limit on the number of sets available through the website - avoid disppointment by pre-ordering now.

Ronnie couldn’t resist getting the camera out and showing you just what you get - click the picture below to see Ronnie unbox the Urban Quadrant.

We’re holding a Battlezones Workshop at the Mantic Open Workshop where you can sit down with Dave Neild and he’ll show you all the tips and tricks in getting the best from Battlezones. Reserve your spot, spaces are highly limited.

Hellfire and Stone

The Hellfire and Stone is the great new campaign book for Kings of War includes 6 playable scenarios, plus painting guides for the Dwarfs, Abyssal Dwarfs and the terrain featured in the campaign.

It also contains rules for new characters and units, including:

Sveri Egilax, Berserker Lord on Helbrokk
This new miniature is released in April alongside the Brock Riders, the new Dwarf Bulwarkers and the plastic Immortal Guard.

The Abyssal Dwarfs are getting more reinforcements next week with the Lesser Obsidian Golems, Gargoyles and the Dragon Fire Team going up pre-order. Don’t miss it!
Kings of War FAQ updated
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In light of the new Hellfire and Stone book – plus the excellent Dwarf and Abyssal Dwarf releases – we’ve updated the FAQ for Kings of War.
Download it in the free rules section.
Learn to Play - Deadzone
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Learn to play Deadzone with James and Warren in Beasts of War’s Deadzone feature.

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Ronnie has touched down in Chicago with painted miniatures galore, including the new Mars Attacks plastics, as well as a number of games where we can show you play DreadBall and Deadzone.

If you’re in the area, go check it out!
Ironwatch 20 now out!
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Issue 20 of the Ironwatch Fanzine is now out.

The new issue is packed full of great player-generated rules and previews, and can be downloaded for free here.

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The Events List has now been updated for 2014, with Adepticon (3rd April) now on and Salute (12th April) staring us in the face.

Here’s the full list for the next couple of months:

3rd Apr - Adepticon
5th Apr - DreadBall Tournament
12th Apr - Salute
13th Apr - Kettering Games Club, Deadzone and DreadBall Demos
20th Apr - Shadow Games - Deadzone and DreadBall Demos
17th May - Mantic Open Day

Check out the Events List for all of the details.
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