Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Mantic Games Newsletter - Battlezones.

Filling your battlefield with cheap, effective, high quality terrain just got a whole lot easier...

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Battlezones is high quality hard plastic sci-fi terrain designed to use with both mass battle and skirmish wargames.

The kits are made from a big range of gloriously detailed tiles and you can quickly snap-fit your buildings together with our innovative connector system, allowing you to construct everything from an entire city quadrant to a small-fortified bunker!

The system is entirely modular and you can assemble your tiles in any combination – there is no limit to what you can build!

Never before has building a true 3D gaming space been this easy or this affordable.
Ronnie Renton introduces Battlezones

Fortify your Gaming Table

Whether you’re playing in the claustrophobic confines of a planetary research station, the sprawling war-torn cities that litter distant galaxies, or simply want to add Defense Lines, armored strongholds and Landing Zones to your battlefield, there’s a great range of Battlezone scenery sets designed to fill your gaming table, including:

Urban Quadrant
Designed to cover a 6'x4' wargames table, there are over 40 sprues including Landing Pad, Fortifications, Defence Line and more. Shipping in April as a special pre-release ahead of the main launch in May, the set also includes 2 BONUS Ruin sprues for a limited time only!

Fortified District

Although any building can be fortified given adequate time, proper purpose-built defence emplacements are vital. Designed to withstand heavy ordnance as well as small arms fire, pre-fabricated bunkers can be fully assembled within an hour of being dropped into position. They can be found in a variety of roles, from command posts to medical centres, but are most often used as the central point of a defensive position.

All of the Battlezones kits are cross compatible, meaning you can expand your battlefield in an unimaginable number of ways.

The Battlezones range is now available to pre-order and you can find out more about Battlezones including sprue contents and how to build and paint your terrain in theBattlezones hub on the website.

If you are attending the Mantic Open Day on the 17th May and would like to collect your scenery pre-order at the show please add the Pick Up at the Open Day item to your basket.

Finally, we will have VERY limited stock of the scenery at Adepticon (3rd-6th April), PAX East (11th-13th April) and Salute (12th April) - pop over to the Mantic stand to get yours!!

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