Thursday, 24 April 2014

Unboxing Malifaux - The Lone Marshal

Introducing the Lone Ranger...sorry...I of course meant the Lone Marshal...

The Lone Marshal box contains enough parts for one miniature...namely The Lone Marshal. It also contains a stat card for him though there are no upgrade cards.

The box has one sprue in it as well as the aforementioned stat card...

Should there be any assembly issues with the model then they will be listed in the appropriate section and you can view larger versions of the smaller pictures by clicking on them. Wyrd Miniatures also seem to have stopped putting instructions in things and instead give you a leaflet with a web address on it that leads to a number of links.

I've put them here so you don't need to. Just click on it for a larger version...

Stat Card.

This is a relatively simple model to assemble. I assembled the horse first, followed by the rider with the exception of his left leg, left part of the cloak and the gun on the saddle which I added after the rider was placed on the horse. This seems to be how the instruction leaflet would like you to do it as well.

Here's some close-ups...

The Rider.
The only real issue with this part is that the cloak piece behind the neck needs to be put on before the head otherwise the rear part of the head (the neckerchief) gets in the way. There's a slight recess in the aforementioned cloak section for this to slot into if you look closely. You'll be happy to know that the lasso isn't a separate piece though the gun on the other side is. 

The Horse.
The reins are an excellent fit and won't line up if you use the one from the opposite side so you shouldn't get mixed up. They're also slightly more substantial than some of the tiny parts that Malifaux models occasionally consist of as is indicated by the fact that the ones in the picture below haven't had to be glued back together at any point.... 

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.


  1. Is the rock necessary? It doesn't go with how I am basing my Guild.

    1. The foot is attached to the rock at an angle so if you were to remove it your horse would be attached to the base by just the other one. Not sure how practical that would be for transportation purposes...


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