Saturday, 5 April 2014

Pin-ups of Death - An Unboxing

As I didn't have the finances to back the Kingdom Death board game Kickstarter I treated myself to this 'Pin-ups of Death' set as soon as I heard about them.

I posted some pictures of the box on my Facebook page and I've had a few PM's asking me to do one of my unboxing features on it. As I've no time to assemble the models today the 'assembled' pictures will be from the Kingdom Death website and I'll replace them with assembled pictures of my own later once I've put them together...I'll also add in my usual run-down of any assembly issues at that point...

The case has a 'quality' look about it that genuinely made me excited to open it up...unfortunately after picking it up from the post office (I was out when it arrived) I was forced by my wife and daughter to go shopping first...their sadism knows no limits...

As well as the two primary sprues (with four sub sections on each) there was also an envelope containing artwork cards for each model and a card and token which I believe are for the board game though their actual specific use is unknown to me I'm afraid...

The artwork on the cards is in that wonderful style that we've come to know and love from Kingdom Death...

The sprues arrive looking thus...

...and here are close-ups of both sides of each individual sprue so you can appreciate the level of detail that's been maintained in the transition from resin to hard plastic. I know that some people have concerns when hard plastic versions are made of resin originals as in many cases detail and sharpness can be lost and mould lines appear in odd places however in this case none of these problems appear to have least not on my set, lol.



Great Game Hunter.



Twilight Knight.

White Speaker.

You get eight of the two-part Kingdom Death bases as well of course.

As I'm yet to assemble mine I'll use some 'official' website pictures and replace them with the usual assembly guide versions that usually accompany my unboxings a bit later...

I'm really looking forward to assembling these...

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome...


  1. I haven't been able to get in on any of the kingdom death kickstarters yet, but would love to get one of the twilight knight minis =)

    1. I missed out on the Kickstarter myself due to a lack of funds at the time.


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