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UK Games Expo - Newsletter

I really enjoyed this event last year even if that slave driving bastard from Titan Games had me doing Malifaux demos for most of it, lol.

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6 weeks to go!

UK Games Expo 2014

We are now just 6 weeks out from UKGE. In 6 weeks time the biggest and best hobby games convention in the UK will be in full swing.
This news letter takes a look at what you will be doing.
Looking forward to welcoming your through the doors.
The UKGE Team
Richard, Tony, Pat, Mick, John and Lindsey
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Huge Trade Hall

This year we are listing over 120 exhibitors in our trade Halls. There are other large trade shows in the UK, particularly in miniatures, but UKGE is by far the largest collection of board game, roleplaying game and miniatures games traders together in one place. What makes us unique is that most of the traders will be demoing the games on scores of tables. Try before you buy!
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Open Gaming Space

We will provide a large amount of space to just crack open a game and get playing. This will expand during the evenings.Full details here


There are 30+ tournaments in all genres.Some of them have major prizes like all-expenses paid to attend the world finals representing the UK.
So then what can we tempt you with?
In Miniatures we have no less than 30 different offerings. These include Dystopian Naval Tournament, Field of Glory:Renaissance, Field of Glory:Ancients, Flames of War: Mid War, Warmachine and Hordes UK Games Expo Masters, Epic Armageddon Expo 2014, X-Wing UK Open, 40k Birmingham Open II, HeroClix Nationals 2014 - Open Sealed Qualifier, Dystopian Land Tournament, Infinity The Game Tournament, Flames of War: Late War, Dust Warfare UK Open 2014, Star Trek Attack Wing - Return to Deep Space Nine! and HeroClix Nationals - 2014 UK Finals.
Full details on all these exciting events are on the Miniatures page
In the Board Game Category we have tournaments in Pandemic: The Cure Tournament (run by the creator of the game Matt Leacock), the UK Settlers of Catan National event, the UK Carcassonne championship, the UK Ticket to Ride championships. these are along side Ra, 7 Wonders, Dominion, Memoir 44, Lords of Waterdeep, C&C: Ancients, Suburbia and Tzolk'in Tournaments. Take on the best in the land and emerge triumphant.
More on those tournaments on the board game events page.
Moving on to Cards we have some major natiional events like the Android Netrunner open and National events, the Game of Thrones open and National events, the first ever Xi card World Final, Ascension and Stakbots events.
More on all that on the cards page
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1800 seats in Roleplaying games

UK Games Expo is the largest Roleplaying Convention in the UK with more games to play than ever before. With dozens of game systems and 8 sessions over 3 days we must have a game for you.
The full RPG schedule is on the RPG Page
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Massive Seminar Schedule

This year we have expanded the seminar schedule to two streams running in parallel. We cover subjects like writing RPG games, Women in gaming, Children in Gaming, Music in RPG Games, Art in gaming, designing board games, kick starter, how to make money writing books, interviews with Monte Cook, Chris Barrie and gaming legends Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone. Don't miss the Dragon's den and see who dares pitch their game ideas to the dragons.
Full Schedule is here
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Rooms in the Hotel are filling up fast

There are not many rooms left in the Hotel - especially on the Saturday night so if you want to stay on site you need to get organised fast.
To book your room follow this link.
You might also consider the near by Plaza Hotel and theHoliday Inn.
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Fun for the whole family

We have a dedicated exciting area aimed at not only families and young people but one that will contain games we think can surprise and entertain everyone.
Imagination Gaming will be bringing a range of games from all over the world, some of which you may know, others that you will not, but all of which will have you thinking, laughing and enjoying yourselves. We will have a host of games covering lots of different topics that will be suitable for everyone from six to ninety six! We will have card, board, tile, puzzle, dice, strategy, two player games, four player games, eight player games and even twenty four players if we can get them.
You can also have fun withe the Cosplayers. Maybe even spot the Tardis.

What are you waiting for?

10's and under go free. Teens are £6 a day and Adults £9. With family tickets and multi day discounts we are an affordable day out for the whole family.
Find out more...
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