Friday, 11 April 2014

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I'll be popping over to the Mantic Games stand at Salute if I get a spare minute tomorrow...

Big Events This Weekend
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Following on from last’s week huge success at Adepticon we’re at not one but two shows this weekend!

Mantic at PAX East

Ronnie has already kicked off the weekend with PAX East in Boston, previewing the new Mars Attacks figures and teaching people how to play LOKA, Deadzone and DreadBall. There’s even a small selection of Battlezones terrain with them.

To find out more about what’s going on at PAX, click here.

Mantic at Salute

Salute is the biggest UK show at the year and Mantic are there in force with a huge demonstration area where you can learn how to play all of our games. We’ve got a tremendously limited amount of the Battlezones Terrain plus Deadzone and DreadBall. You can find us at stand TJ08.

Furthermore, Troll Trader will exclusively be carrying the new Dwarfs and Abyssal Dwarfs, including the plastic Lesser Obsidian Golems and Gargoyles as individual kits, not released until May (in fact, they go up for pre-order next week!) Find them at stand TB06.

Battlezones Urban Quadrant - limited stock available

Stock of the new Urban Quadrant set is highly limited and we are close to selling out of March’s stock.

Find out what’s in the box with our latest video:

Containing enough buildings to cover a 6’x’4’ wargames table, you can pre-order yours here.

Finally, you can also find out what comes on each sprue in our Battlezones Hub.
Open Day Focus: Rage of the Elements!
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The first Mantic LOKA Tournament is being held at the Mantic Open Day on the 17th May.

It is a team-based event, where you and your partner will engage other teams for victory. You can read all the rules in the Tournament Packhere.

It’s set to be a great event and the perfect opportunity for you to put all those lovely models from the LOKA range to good use, as well as attend the show and see what’s offer.

Mantic events are light-hearted affairs designed to be fun, so don’t worry if the competitive aspects doesn’t grab you – at worst you’ll be getting to play some great games against some great people.

Find out about the rest of the goings-on at the Open Day here.

Kings of War next week
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Next week we’re going to be delving into the pages of Hellfire and Stone in preparation for the new additions to Kings of War.

Abyssal Dwarf reinforcements such as the Lesser Obsidian Golems and Dragon Fire team are in bound, and we’ll be exploring how to play Kings of War as well.
Grab your sword and stay tuned for new orders.

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The Events List has now been updated for 2014 - here’s the full list for the next couple of months:

11-13th Apr - PAX East
12th Apr - Salute
13th Apr - Kettering Games Club, Deadzone and DreadBall Demos
20th Apr - Shadow Games - Deadzone and DreadBall Demos
17th May - Mantic Open Day

Check out the Events List for all of the details.
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