Wednesday, 23 August 2017

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Afterlife Showcase:
Spectre Operatives

Spectre Operatives are among the most elite and secretive military assets available to the Council, trained and equipped for covert operations and lightning fast precision raids. Spectres are deployed on small scale black ops missions, or used to supplement the effectiveness of regular UCMC units in larger operations.

Gabriela Aguilar is the daughter of a decorated UCMC colonel, and has spent all of her life in military schools and academies. Renowned as the best shot in the Eastern Protectorate, and a marine first-class in all areas of her training, she was inducted into the top-secret Spectre training program where she continued to excel.
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What is Afterlife?

Afterlife is our Sci-Fi skirmish game system, supported by an expanding range of extremely high-quality resin miniatures.

Volume I: The SHARDS of Liberty, is the first instalment of the game, introducing the 2 main powers and their high-tech weaponry.

The key features are:
  • Near future dystopian Sci-Fi wargame.
  • Fast paced alternate activation mechanic keeps both players involved.
  • Core rules are compact and easy to learn.
  • Cinematic, exciting game-play.
  • High quality, finely detailed 28mm resin miniatures.

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