Thursday, 24 August 2017

Games Workshop - Newsletter

A selection of news from Games Workshop...

The battle for Drenthal begins!
The Fate of Konor campaign is engulfing another planet this week and Chaos is running out of time to destroy the Konor System - grab your Flyers and Fast Attack and prepare for this week's mission:
Get your free Stratagem card
This week, pick up yours with your scenery and your Lords of War, then bring them to the final battles next week for double points when you paint and play.

Get your first look inside Shadespire
Shadespire is coming, and soon! Get a closer look at the ultimate strategy miniatures game and check out what we previewed in our demo games at GenCon:
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The Blightwar Begins
Blightwar is the latest boxed set for Warhammer Age of Sigmar, chronicling the rise of Nurgle in the Mortal Realms. You'll be able to get your hands on new alleigiance abilities for the plague god, exclusive miniatures and more - get you first look here:


Chaos in the General's Handbook
Chaos in the General's Handbook 2017
With new alleigance abilities for the Hosts of Slaanesh, Skaven Clans, Slaves to Darkness and Brayherds, alongside a powerful new allies system, Chaos armies in the new General's Handbook are going to be more fun, thematic, and powerful than ever:


Adding allies in the new
General's Handbook
The General's Handbook 2017 allows for powerful allies in your matched play army - and Pete's got some ideas on how this is going to impact his army.
General's Handbook
WATCH: Preparing for the new General's Handbook
We caught up with our intrepid playtesters and asked them what they're most excited about in the General's Handbook - check out all the interviews here:
Summer of Reading
Get ready for the Summer of Reading
Great news for Black Library fans - subscribe to our Summer of Reading and you'll be able to get your hands on some of our best Quick Reads at a great price. We've also announced a new author writing for the Black Library - find out who it is here:
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Second turn
Mastering the Second Turn
Being prepared for your opponent's first turn can be the key to winning your games of Warhammer 40,000 - here's our guide to playing defensively and getting the most out of the second turn.
Aura Abilities
Aura Abilities
Aura abilities are a powerful new additon to Warhammer 40,000, and careful use of them can make or break games - check out our guide for some great tips of how to get the most out of them in your games.

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