Friday, 4 August 2017

Warlord Games - Friday Newsletter

The latest releases and features from Warlord Games...

Australian units available to order!

Leading the Australian forces into the heart of the enemy is the new Australian Officer team
Sweeping through the Pacific jungle is the new Jungle Division infantry section.
Forming the backbone of the Australian forces is the new Australian Militia infantry section.
Scouting the front lines is the new Papuan Infantry Battalion section, setting up traps and performing stealthy reconnaissance, most definitely the kind of chaps you'd want on your side!
Providing support to the Australian ground troops is the PIAT and anti-tank rifle teams.
Supporting the main force are the new flamethrower, light mortar and sniper teams.
Protecting the flank of the main force is the new Australian medium machine gun.
Setting up within the dense Pacific forests is the new Australian medium mortar team.
Providing dedicated anti-tank fire, the short 25-pdr shreds enemy armour.

New Guinea Shipping Now!

The New Guinea campaign book is shipping now. It's pakced with content, including a whole new army list, new units, rules, scenarios, threatres and much more!
World of Tanks will be at Gencon this year! Blood Red Skies will be flying high at Gencon as demo games will be available as well!
Check out the World of Tanks livestream of them announcing their trip to Gencon and their unboxing the two Bolt Action starter sets, Armoured Fury and Band of Brothers!
One of everything and the currently unreleased Matilda II!
A quick and competitive force, grab this to get going!

Coming soon!

The Primus Shard club is holding a Boot Camp charity day with the proceeds going to 2 great charities!

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