Monday, 28 August 2017

Unboxing Devils Run - Lillian the Fallen Angel

Though I'm not normally a fan of the 54mm scale I couldn't resist this larger scale version of one of Word Forge Games 'The Devils Run' games iconic characters.
The unassembled model comes in a metal presentation case together with a certificate of authenticity due to it's limited nature and a base upon which to mount it. I believe you can still pick up the model as they definitely had a couple on their stand last time I saw them at a show...

Lillian the Fallen Angel - Unassembled
The model itself is resin though the tiny butterfly that balances on her foot is plastic.

Lillian the Fallen Angel - Assembled
The model is primarily a single piece with the exception of a tiny butterfly which if you're following the artwork attaches on the tip of her boot with her handgun pointing in it's approximate direction. You can of course place it somewhere else or not at all should you so desire.

Here are some close-ups...

 Lillian the Fallen Angel - Official Picture
Here's the official painted picture from Word Forge Games

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.
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