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Lots of HeroClix news from Wizkids...and some other stuff as well of course...

Greetings WizKids Fans,
EVENT UPDATE! Sidekick Night Fall 2017 Rigorous Training Sidekick Card
We hope you are as excited about the upcoming Sidekick Night events as we are! This week we revealed the first-ever Sidekick Card on! By adding this card to your team, all Sidekicks (Sidekick dice or active characters with the Ally keyword) get bonus defense – including your opponent’s Sidekicks. It takes up one of the spots on your team in place of a character or action card.
In order to get one, participate in your local store’s upcoming Sidekick Night event. Need to find a store in your area? Check out our event locator in the WizKids Info Network (WIN).  It’s not too late for stores to participate, so if your local store hasn’t signed up already, be sure to encourage them to do so!

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EVENT UPDATE!  Marvel Avengers Quick Start Kit for Sidekick Night
The Tabletop Teacher just released a very thorough review of the Marvel HeroClix: Sidekick Night Avengers Quick Start Kit that will be available to participants of Sidekick Night. To find out what exactly is included in this kit, click the video below to watch now!
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WizKids is excited to announce their upcoming release, Empires, designed by David Y Stephenson and Daniel G Stephenson. Set in the 18th century, 2-10 players take on the role as powerful nations like Russia, Great Britain, Spain, France, and more, all competing to expand their empires by gaining the most support. Support is won by supplying your people with goods; goods are produced when your people work in your territories.

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NEW PREVIEWS! Marvel HeroClix: The Mighty Thor
Previews have begun for the Marvel HeroClix: The Mighty Thor — check out Carnage, Korg, Mangog and more on the Previews page. Keep an eye out on and WizKids’ social media channels to see the latest!
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NEW PREVIEWS! WizKids HeroClix: Undead 
Get ready for Wizkids HeroClix: Undead! Check the website (and follow our social media pages) to get sneak peeks of the upcoming set. Get ready to fight with your favorite monsters, ghosts, and all things that go ‘bump’ in the night.
One Skeleton may not seem too threatening but beware when up against an entire Skeleton Army!

These warriors are a bony bargain at 25 points and are much scarier in groups. Their trait, Skeleton Army adds +1 to the damage value of adjacent characters with the Skeleton Army keyword. While not especially fast with an opening Speed value of 6, the Skeleton does possess Charge at the top of his dial for a lean leap into battle. 
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NEW RULES! New HeroClix Rulebook
Last week we posted a sneak peek at the equipment rules from the new 2017 HeroClix Rulebook, which will be available in the Marvel HeroClix: The Mighty Thor Starter Set releasing this month.

Mark your calendars! The complete new rulebook will be available August 21ston!
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NEW EVENT! Merc Jet Organized Play Event
For the first time, Deadpool’s Merc Jet soars onto the tabletop for this all-new Colossal OP Event! Deadpool’s wacky antics continue as he and his Mercs for Money team take to the skys with this new vehicle figure. Deadpool’s Merc Jet is also able to be played as Special Terrain on the map with unique abilities in addition to a brand new Terrain Dial!
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COME SEE US! WizKids at Gen Con 50  
Visit us at the WizKids booth (Booth 317 in the Convention Hall) at Gen Con 50 in Indianapolis, IN this weekend!
We have HeroClix exclusives available as well as new board games that we'll be releasing at the convention! For the first time, we'll be releasing Wartime ($60), Dungeon Hustle ($25), Tomb of Annihilation (standard - $80; premium - $160), Witching Hour ($60), and The Expanse ($50).

We'll also be hosting regional events in the Lucas Oil Stadium! Prepare to do battle in the three HeroClix Regional Championships, three Dice Masters Regional Championships, and many other side events including Star Trek Attack Wing Quick Plays! Find out more in the event section.

Play amazing games, win rare prizes, purchase convention exclusives, and compete to be crowned a Regional Champion at one of the biggest WizKids gaming events of the year!
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-The WizKids Team
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