Thursday, 17 August 2017

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So Necromunda is back...

All the latest news from Warhammer Community

Necromunda returns!

It's official - the classic game of skirmish combat in the 41st Millennium is back. Check out some of the new miniatures in our live blog from the Forge World Open Day:
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Destruction Allegiance

Unleash Destruction

New alleigiance abilities, powerful allies rules and a host of changes means that Destruction armies are going to be more dangerous than ever in the new General's Handbook. Check out our full preview:
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Narrative play

Epic Stories, Siege Battles and Times of War

With the new narrative play rules in the General's Handbook, you can re-enact legendary battles in dramatic sieges, or bring your battles to every corner of the Mortal Realms - find out more on Warhammer Community:
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Nethamus Stands

It's been another great week of battles, and the Imperium is still heroically holding on! There's still a long way to go - get involved now in the battle for Vanitor.
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Get your free Stratagem Card!

Want to help your side win? Fancy a free Stratagem? This week's theme is Fast Attack and Flyers - paint and play for double points, and pick up this week's free card.
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Golden Demon

Open Day Dates Announced

If you're interested in entering any Golden Demon competitions, want to see exclusive previews or fancy meeting the people that make your hobby great, we've got some dates for diary:
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Sisters of Silence

Allying with the sinister Sisters of Silence

Struggling with Psykers? Follow our guide, add some deadly Sisters of Silence to your Imperium army and devastate sorcerers with bolter, blade and flame:
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Armies on Parade

Get Inspired for Armies on Parade

Are you ready for Armies on Parade? We're checking out some awesome past entries on Warhammer Community:
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New Rules for Chaos Daemons

We've tweaked the points costs for Chaos Daemons in Warhammer 40,000 - check out the changes now:
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Nurgle is coming...

War dawns in the Mortal Realms, and the Plague God is rising...
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Total War

Total War: Warhammer II

The latest entry in the renowned grand strategy series is almost here, and the insidious Skaven have just been revealed! Pre-order today, and get ready for a breathtaking campaign of exploration, expansion and conquest.
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