Wednesday, 23 August 2017

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Warlord Games mid-week newsletter...

When putting in our new and glorious IMTel stock system, we have discovered huge piles of overstocks in the dark recesses of our warehouse. We thought we would celebrate this discovery with our customers by offering some great deals whilst “excess” stocks last…

Hobby Time!

Tim Bancroft looks at developing a Gates of Antares back story for his C3 Concord, influenced by the latest campaign book The Chryseis Shard.
Rift Tech Radio is back with episode 3 - looking at the Soviets in K47...
Andy Zeck​ sent in this superb Fallschirmj√§ger painting guide after we spotted some of his awesome work over on the Bolt Action Facebook group...
The Germans have pushed further north. People of Peterborough, this is a call to arms! Let's take a look at just one of the action-packed scenarios to be found in the Gigant book!

Limited Numbers!

Celebrate all things heavy metal for the upcoming Tank War with selected vehicles available at up to 25% off whilst stocks last!
With the invasion of Britain seeing many battles fought, and with the campaign coming to a close this weekend, it's time for an update!

Wednesday 23rd August 1940

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Thursday 17th August 1940

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