Monday, 28 August 2017

Shades of Vengeance - Kickstarter News

A new Kickstarter from Shades of Vengeance...

Get in your starfighter
and defend Humanity!

Available in Era d10, FATE or Savage Worlds!

In this game, you are a pilot, with your own "Paladin" one-man ship, sent out to explore space and defend Humanity! Together with other pilots, you'll form a squadron and head out into the black...
This game offers rules for space combat, salvaging materials and upgrading your fighter, a list of bases you can visit (both friendly and not-so-friendly), space-based dogfights and a variety of weapons from bullet-based to plasma cannons!

It gets better! If you own Era: The Consortium and want to have more flexibility with fighters, this game's rules are compatible!
If you like games such as Homeworld, Freelancer or Elite: Dangerous, this is the RPG for you!
Join us in defending Humanity!
Copyright © 2017 Shades of Vengeance, All rights reserved.

Our mailing address is:
Shades of Vengeance
21 Richard Court
LondonLondon W3 8FT
United Kingdom

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