Friday, 11 August 2017

Warlord Games - Friday Newsletter

Warlord Games usual Friday newsletter...

Welcome to the Warlord Games Friday Newsletter, featuring all this week's New Releases and News. 

It'z It'z an Opel Blitz!

Providing transport for the German army from the Blitzkrieg and on into Russia comes the new plastic Opel Blitz, that can also be made as the Eastern front workhorse – the Maultier!

Australian Matilda MkII tank!

Grinding forward through the jungle, the Matilda MkII is ready to engage any threat.

P-40E Tomahawk!

Prowling through skies over the Pacific comes the P-40E Tomahawk.

The Polish Army in 1939!

Brush up on your early war with this in-depth, highly detailed & well-researched account of The Polish Army in 1939 by Vincent W. Rospond.
Has this inspired you to make a Polish force? Check out our range here!

It's time to celebrate!

Come and celebrate 10 years of Warlord! Tickets for Warlord Games Day 2017 on 14th & 15th October, here at Nottingham HQ, are now on sale!

Doctor Who!

The last remaining immortal in the universe joins the fray...
Hire your mercenary group, the Ogrons.

Antares Rulebook Special Offer!

Save £22/$35, introduce a friend or catch up to date yourself with all the background and the necessary rules for Rick Priestley's 'Beyond the Gates of Antares' with this essential book bundle!
Small Village House - High
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Planked Style Village House - Low
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Community House
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Small Village House - Low
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Woven Palm Style Village House
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Planked Style Village House
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Woven Palm Style Village House - Low
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Watch Tower
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The Primus Shard club is holding a Boot Camp charity day - 9th September. With the proceeds going to 2 great charities!
Infamous Wargaming hosts a Test of Honour Campaign Day at Warlord Games HQ - 30th September. Limited to 40 places & nearly sold out), it's time to get yours!
Warlord Games reaches its 10th anniversary and is proud to announce that we can at last present to you a whopping 2-day extravaganza of activities, seminars and participation games!

Coming soon...

Gear up for Tank War as the Heavy Tiger II is heading our way in strikingly detailed plastic, complete with both Henschel & Porshe turret variants!
All Warlord Games products are available from our online store or by calling +44 (0)115 978 4495. Our products ship worldwide.

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