Sunday, 6 August 2017

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Two new Codices incoming...


Chaos Space Marines

Codex: Chaos Space Marines

This is your essential guide to the chosen warriors of the Dark Gods, packed with datasheets, rules for the Chaos Legions and the forbidden lore of the Heretic Astartes.
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Collector's Edition

Codex: Chaos Space Marines - Collector's Edition

This lavishly presented codex is perfect for any truly dedicated Chaos Space Marines collector - get yours while stocks last.
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Enhanced Edition

Codex: Chaos Space Marines - Enhanced Edition

Get all the great content from the codex on your device - it's portable, it's convenient and it's filled with great functionality for your games including an interactive glossary, bookmarks and pop-up text.
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Datacards: Chaos Space Marines

Manage your master-plan with these handy datacards - perfect for keeping track of insidious Stratagems, powerful psychic abilities, Warlord Traits and your Tactical Objectives at a glance.
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Hold the Line

These multi-part Intercessors are packed with options and powerful bolt weaponry - snipe down your oppontents with powerful stalker bolt rifles or tear them apart with deadly hails of shells at close range.
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Unleash Hell

With this multi-part kit, you can equip your Hellblasters with loads of new plasma weaponry. Slay heavy infantry at close range or destroy monsters and tanks from afar.
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Grey Knights

Codex: Grey Knights

With this codex, the secretive Grey Knights are yours to command. Smite Daemons and Heretics alike with new Stratagems, Warlord Traits and psychic powers.
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Collector's Edition

Codex: Grey Knights Collector's Edition

This beautiful collector's edition is only available while stocks last and is perfect for showing your alleigance to the Knights of Titan.
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Enhanced Edition

Codex: Grey Knights - Enhanced Edition

This Enhanced Edition is great for gaming on-the-go, with extra functionality to make reading on your phone or tablet as easy as possible.
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Datacards: Grey Knights

These handy cards make managing your Stratagems, Warlord Traits, Relics and Tactical Objectives easy in the heat of battle.
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Castellan Crowe

Champion of the Purifiers

Castellan Crowe is a capable commander for any Grey Knights force, slicing through enemies with the Black Blade of Antwyr or unleashing searing gouts of psychic flame. Command your forces with the deadliest of the Purifiers.
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Grand Master Voldus

The Hammer of Daemons

Available for the first time seperately, Grand Master Voldus is the most powerful Psyker in the Grey Knights Chapter. Add him to your army today.

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Strike Squad

Strike a light in the darkness

This boxed set contains everything you'll need to build the battle line infantry of the Grey Knights, from fast moving Interceptor Squads to heavy weapon wielding Purifier Squads and the indomitable Strike Squads.
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Vehicle upgrade frame

Upgrade your Vehicles

Customise your vehicles with a range of special components - advanced sensors, new weapons and more.
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Paint sets

Great value ways to start your hobby or build your army

These sets are perfect for new hobbyists looking for an easy way to get started.
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Datalink telemetry

Bombard your enemies with this great bundle

Combining a Land Speeder and a Whirlwind, this bundle allows you to take advantage of the powerful Datalink Telemetry Stratagem in the new Codex: Space Marines.
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