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Some upcoming release and Dice Masters news from Wizkids...

Greetings WizKids Fans,
AVAILABLE NOW! Sidereal Confluence: Trading and Negotiation in the Elysian Quadrant
In Sidereal Confluence: Trading and Negotiation in the Elysian Quadrant, 4 - 9 players will need to competitively scheme and create mutually beneficial agreements to keep their economies thriving.  Each player must choose one of the nine unique and asymmetrical alien races that have come together to form a trade federation in their quadrant.
Over the course of the game, each race must trade and negotiate with the rest to acquire the resources necessary to fund their economy and allow it to produce goods for the next turn. As no race has the ability to thrive on its own, Sidereal Confluence has a uniquely cooperative feel and with almost all simultaneous action, the game play is always moving.

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COMING SOON! Dungeon Hustle
In Dungeon Hustle, 2-4 players are sent on a quest to rid the dungeon of monsters and keep them from escaping into the outside world! Players will take on the roles of classic fantasy characters, including a Fighter, a Rogue, a Cleric and a Mage. Move through the dungeon to pick up cards and equip yourself with Potions, Scrolls, Swords, Keys and Shields. Each item comes in different colors.

To pick them up, you will need to hustle through a path of dungeon tiles of a matching color. When you step on a different color, the hustle ends and you get to pick up the tiles you had stepped on.
A hustle ends when you step onto a room card with a different colored symbol: but you pick up all the room cards with the same colored symbols you hustled through.

Coming August 30th! Pre-order now!
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In Wartime, players must think fast as sand timers dictate the activation of your units. When a unit moves, attacks, casts a spell or uses a special ability, a sand timer is flipped. That unit cannot be used again until the sand timer is drained and then, that sand timer, or another sand timer, can be used to activate the unit again. With sand timers of 30, 60, and 90 seconds, players will have to use their units wisely to defeat their enemies.

Coming September 2017! Pre-order is available now!

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NEW EVENT! DC Comics Dice Masters Batman The Animated Series Monthly OP 
Batman’s animated adventures take to a new level as he trains and teams up with Robin and Batgirl. Robin will be forced to confront the man who arranged for his family to have an “accident” at the circus. Batgirl will fight the same criminals as her father, Commissioner Gordon. All in all, together there is no challenge in Gotham – or anywhere else – too big for these heroes to face.
Register for DC Comics Dice Masters: Batman TAS Monthly Organized Play at your FLGS for the chance to win exclusive prizes!
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UPCOMING EVENT! WizKids at Gen Con 50  
Visit us at the WizKids booth (Booth 317 in the Convention Hall) at Gen Con 50 in Indianapolis, IN from August 17th - 20th. We have HeroClix exclusives available as well as new board games that we'll be releasing at the convention! For the first time, we'll be releasing Wartime ($60), Dungeon Hustle ($25), Tomb of Annihilation (standard - $80; premium - $160), Witching Hour ($60), and The Expanse ($50).

We'll also be hosting regional events in the Lucas Oil Stadium! Prepare to do battle in the three HeroClix Regional Championships, three Dice Masters Regional Championships, and many other side events including Star Trek Attack Wing Quick Plays! Find out more in the event section.
Play amazing games, win rare prizes, purchase convention exclusives, and compete to be crowned a Regional Champion at one of the biggest WizKids gaming events of the year!
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UPCOMING EVENT! Sidekick Night Fall 2017
Get ready for Sidekick Night Fall 2017!! As always, Sidekick Night is intended to be a casual, fun, and welcoming event series! All players are welcome to participate! No experience required!
For more information, visit:
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