Friday, 11 August 2017

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Your Warhammer Community Update

Fate of Konor

Konor Stands (for now...)

Week Two of the global campaign is over, with the Imperium victorious - but Chaos is closer than ever to taking the lead. The battle for Nethamus is just beginning - bring your tanks and tank hunters, and get ready for the most intense week of fighting yet.
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Get your free Stratagem Card

Give your chosen side a tactical edge with Psykers, and get double points for painting, double points in next week's games and a powerful new Stratagem Card too! Browse the range of psykers and choose your favourite today:
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Death Guard sneak peak!

Death Guard sneak peak!

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Order Allegiance

Order in the new General's Handbook

If you play an Order army, you can look forward to powerful allies, loads of new allegiance abilities, changes to points and more in the General's Handbook 2017 - take a first look at what's on the way with our preview on Warhammer Community:
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Open Play

Battles, Betrayals and thousands of battleplans

Open play in the General's Handbook is focused on one thing - fun. Generate brilliant battleplans in moments with the Open War cards, or battle and betray your friends with new multiplayer rules.

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Graeme's Army of Death

We love great armies on Warhammer Community, and Graeme's forces of Death are particularly awesome. We took a closer look at his models - check them out and pick up some of your own.
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New Event Rules for Warhammer 40,000

We want Warhammer 40,000 to be as fun and as balanced as it can possibly be, and Chapter Approved - out later this year - is our way of making your favourite game even better. We've just announced some of the new rules we're introducing to matched play games, from powerful bonuses for Troops in every army, to a new way to decide who gets the first turn - find out all about them here:
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Legion Focus

Word Bearers

Bearers of the Word

In the new Chaos Space Marines codex, the Word Bearers are stronger than ever, with powerful Daemon-summoning Stratagems and a Legion Trait that'll fill even the humblest of cultists with unholy zeal:
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Alpha legion

Masters of Stealth

The Alpha Legion are the stealthiest of the Chaos Space Marines. Check out our preview of the new codex for a sneak peek of these insidious masterminds, including a powerful new Legion Trait:
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Listen while you paint

Listen while you paint - get your free sampler

Want to explore the worlds of Warhammer while you're painting and building it? Check out our free sampler - it's packed with great previews of our best audio dramas. Download yours today:
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Bolt Rifle

Building your own bolt rifle

Warhammer super-fan and master prop-maker Sarah Kaiser built her own bolt rifle! Find out how in her step-by-step guide.
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Codex: Chaos Space Marines

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Grey Knights

Codex: Grey Knight

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