Friday, 25 August 2017

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Some upcoming Deadzone releases from Mantic Games..
GCPS marine forces are rarely deployed to Deadzones, mostly because no corporation would risk the Council’s ire trying to circumvent a Containment Protocol. In exchange for safeguarding frontier commerce that a Plague incursion, Veer-Myn infestation, or open rebellion would jeopardise, CEOs prefer to let the Enforcer Corps conduct their gruesome work and simply write off any local assets from their ledgers, an exercise in sunk costs versus future investment opportunities elsewhere.


The Deadzone GCPS Faction Starter contains everything you need to field Corporation troops, including a FREE rules booklet with full stats for the GCPS, weapons guide and special rules. Join the Corporation now and protect the galaxy.


Need some extra support for your troopers? The Faction Booster includes GCPS specialists and a mighty Strider to offer some much-needed cover in the heat of battle. Call in refinforcements...


Grab the GCPS Faction Starter and Faction Booster with just one click and for a special price! This deal is available for a limited time only!
What agenda these haughty aliens follow when they enter a Deadzone is not clear. All that is known for certain is that their operatives are efficient and deadly, and leave no trace of their operations behind.


There's also a new Faction Starter for the Asterians, featuring the mechanical Marionettes and Drones - which now have their own rules for use in Deadzone, thanks to a FREE rules booklet inside the revised Faction Starter. Bring balance to the galaxy with an Asterian force.


Along with a new Asterian Faction Starter, there's also an improved Faction Booster, which includes the powerful Pulse Bombard... destroy your foes from a safe distance with this indirect firepower! PEW... PEW... BOOM!


For the first time, these close combat specialists are available in resin! The Kalyshi go to war in traditional warpaint, armed with bows and glaives, but only a fool would mistake them for simple savages.


For a limited time only, we've got a special Asterian Faction Starter and Faction Booster bundle available on the website. Order now!
Crawling from the deepest recesses beneath a world’s feet, the Veer-Myn are man’s oldest nightmares made flesh, emerging to wreak havoc and kill all who threaten them and their way of life.


For the first time, you can now purchase the Veer-myn Rumbler on its own! As well as being deadly in Deadzone, it's also extremely useful for taking out flyers in Warpath and Firefight. Strike fear into your enemies.


Carrying cutting gear, packages of infectious materials, and unstable explosives, Creepers can immobilise vehicles, disrupt communications gear and spread disease amongst enemy personnel. Jeepers Creepers!
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