Monday, 28 August 2017

Hasslefree Miniatures - Flash Sale

A 48 Hour 'Flash' sale from Hasslefree Miniatures...

2 Day Sale and Restocks are In!
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Thanks to my renewed nerve problems and surgeries over the last couple of months we were overdue restocks, orders, emails, pretty much everything. Lots of you have been bugging me about when certain minis are back in. Well they've started arriving and more are coming in this week.
To make up for the delays we're having a quick 48hr (ish) flash sale. The code will be active until the end of Tuesday.

Enter 'FACEPAIN2' in the code box* for 15% Off your order.
*The code box is on the confirmation page, stop using the comments box! :)

Fair warning, no complaining when new releases come out next week or some delayed restocks arrive etc. That's how these flash sales work :)
Brexit is Still a Thing!
Remember this graphic from last year? Those are now the good old days!

The Pound is now trading below $1.28 and has now crashed and burned against the Euro too! Yay?

This means our miniatures are again dirt cheap on foreign shores. With the code above we are talking well under $5 and also well under €5 for our most common price point. Which is frankly madness.

We haven't even left yet! 
Recent Delays
We are 'mostly' caught up on orders, however I made a noob error. I was so focussed on the catch up I forgot to let our Post Office know which of the many bags we dropped off to send first, which has led to the sad situation of some of the older delayed orders still not having arrived while orders from two days ago have.

I'm very sorry! Total screw up on my part.

I'm now onto emails and problems and enquiries and so on. There's a couple in there, you know who you are sorry, which need some priority attention. Just need to get out from behind the backlog and see some daylight, my meds are balanced so I have just the right amount of pain and tiredness to be rubbish at everything, which is a step up from being asleep or screaming :D

I will also find time to update the Kickstarter tomorrow! Some pics of stock etc to show we really are just sat awaiting the slowly bouncing pledge manager to be cleared.
Right, go nuts, you have 2 days and counting!

Oh and Game of Thrones has become utter nonsense, I'll be whinging about it on my Facebook later :)
'til next time,
p.s. As usual, anyone who ordered just before the sale will get a freebie, we got ya covered, and anyone who was affected by the delay has already been compensated in their order ;)

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