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Some new lineups for Guild Ball from Steamforged Games...

September 2017 Newsletter: Fresh Lineups, Fierce Tactics

Make sure to only Sing When You’re Winning during the Punishing March, or Precision Made death will come and you’ll be paying your Bloody Coin to the ferryman. These electrifying line ups are bringing fearsome tactics to the pitch this coming October.
The Mason's Guild: The Punishing March
The Mason’s Guild: The Punishing March
“Hammer is legendary in everything he does. While others may falter, he only gets better – stronger, faster. He is an inspiration, like an ancient titan of legend.”
— Harmony, Mason’s Guild

An unrelenting juggernaut on the field, Hammer is the anchor at the centre of the Mason’s Guild. A true icon, one of the strongest players in the game today – and, he’s stamping his name into the world of Guild Ball at any cost.

Immovable in their resolve, Hammer’s team can attack and defend with equal ferocity - crushing the opposition with Hammer and Chisel while scoring goals through sheer force of will. Coaches will delight in blunting their opponent’s attacks against a Granite Tower before Wrecking them with perfect Harmony.

Unrelenting in their pursuit of glory, this set includes: 6 player cards, ball, bases, and 6 players: Hammer, Wrecker, Chisel, Veteran Harmony, Tower, Granite.

  • Coaches looking to play a versatile team will enjoy the Masons
  • Hammer is a no-nonsense powerhouse that pushes himself and his team to perfection
  • Whether the coach is new to Guild Ball or just looking to pick up a new Guild, this set is the best way to get started with this tactical, synergistic team.
The Brewer's Guild: Sing When You're Winning
Brewer's Guild: Sing When You're Winning

“Hear them? They sing like that for us. For their heroes. Time to go out there and make each and every one of them proud. Proud, like you are of your teammates, and the kutte you wear.”
— Esters, Brewer’s Guild
Fierce but kind, the Brewers matriarch is driven by a powerful need to  protect those under her care.  On the pitch, Esters is an avatar of inspiration, driving her  teammates to astonishing feats of bravery as they shrug off injuries that would bring another player low.

More unorthodox than other Brewers, this team excels at taking their opponents by surprise with players showing unexpected bursts of speed, or suddenly attacking wildly and recklessly. Empowered by the ballads of their captain, this team is one to be feared. Coaches will relish their unique flexibility

Voices raised in deafening chorus, this set includes: 6 player cards, ball, bases, and 6 players: Esters, Quaff, Mash, Veteran Spigot, Stoker, PintPot.

  • Coaches looking to play a team that can take a lot of damage, as well as control the pitch will enjoy the Brewers
  • Esters adds an edge of unpredictability to the bluntness of the Brewers with unexpected bursts of speed, high damage output, and strong defence.
  • Whether the coach is new to Guild Ball or just looking to pick up a new Guild, this set is the best way to get started with this tough, brutal team.
The Union: The Bloody Coin
The Union: The Bloody Coin
“Aye, I was there that dark day, when Rage drew his line in the dirt. And one by one, they followed him, as the mean, gore covered bastard stared at them and offered them each a bloody coin. That’s when it all changed. When Rage became the Usurper.”
— Shank, Butcher’s Guild

A fractured mind governed by a lust for destruction, Rage rules his team through fear and a blood soaked clever. Having usurped the Union throne from the Pirate King, he has forever changed the world of Guild Ball and begun a chain of events that will end in bloodshed and destruction.

Mercenaries to their core, those who take to the pitch with Rage act more like a vicious gang than a professional Guild Ball team. These players are willing to do whatever’s necessary to win: poisoning, bleeding, or bludgeoning their way to victory. Aggressive and ferocious, coaches will love beating the opposition into submission with this team.

In the shadow of the Usurper, this set includes: 6 player cards, ball, bases, and 6 players: Veteran Rage, Strongbox, Snakeskin, Fangtooth, Minx, Hemlocke

  • Coaches looking to play a team of ragtag mercenaries will enjoy the Union
  • Veteran Rage is destruction incarnate, he leads his team like an angry mob that consumes and destroys all in its path
  • Whether the coach is new to Guild Ball or just looking to pick up a new Guild, this set is the best way to get started with this aggressive, high damage team.
The Engineer's Guild: Precision Made
The Engineer's Guild: Precision Made
“Pin Vice will never stop, not until they have transformed the world. I have seen their ruthlessness in the promise of a bleak future, where the honest beat in the heart of man is replaced by the cold, metallic clicking of clockwork.”
— Ballista, Engineer’s Guild

Known as the Artificer Queen to members of the Engineers Guild, Pin Vice is calculating and efficient, having long since moved beyond the limits of humanity in search of mechanical perfection by stripping their flesh until only a perfect machine remains.

Pin Vice leads their team not as their captain, but as their master. Their team reacts and plays exactly how they command, mechanical limbs obliterating any who would seek to contain their precision. Coaches will relish total domination of Pin Vice’s team, punishing their opponents with a succession of goals.

Mechanically precise, this set includes: 6 player cards, ball, bases, and 6 players: Pin Vice, Mother (and three nest markers), Veteran Velocity, Hoist, Compound, Locus.

  • Coaches looking to play an aggressive goal scoring game with clockwork precision will enjoy the Engineers
  • Pin Vice is an adept goal scorer, pushing the rest of the mechanical team to their breaking points to keep up with her fast-paced tactics.
  • Whether the coach is new to Guild Ball or just looking to pick up a new Guild, this set is the best way to get started with this efficient team.
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