Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Modiphius Entertainment - Wasteland Warfare Blog #4

The latest Fallout: Wasteland Warfare development blog from Modiphius...


Development Blog #4

In Fallout, some characters and creatures have an edge over the rest - they have that little bit of luck, or manage that extra burst of action just when it's needed.  In Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, these are called Heroic units. Find out more in our latestDevelopment Blog plus there's a preview of the massive Super Mutant Behemoth for you below!

Vault Dwellers Demo Team
If you'd like to sign up for our international Vault Dwellers demo team to help introduce people to the game in your area head over to our sign up page for our SIlvershields community. 

If you're at GenCon this week come and try a demo of Fallout: Wasteland Warfare and check out some of the miniatures at stand 2461! 

If you can't make it there's special 20% off selected Modiphius Games and products for the duration of Gen Con including: all board games, Fragged Empire, Mindjammer, Mutant Chronicles, Mutant: Year Zero, Symbaroum, and Thunderbirds! Just use code GenCant2017 at checkout to claim 20% off these great titles 

Remember we're tracking all the revealed sculpts on the official page now and we have posted an FAQ over on BoardGameGeek about the difference between the planned resin two-player starter set and the previously announced pre-assembled PVC starter set planned for spring 2018. 


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