Saturday, 16 September 2017

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A new novel courtesy of Chris Wraight and the Black Library...
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New Titles
Emperor's Legion
Watchers of the Throne: The Emperor's Legion
Chris Wraight
When a daemonic horde threatens Holy Terra, it falls to the Custodian Guard, and their Sisters of Silence allies, to defeat this foe and defend the sanctity of the Throneworld.

This is the first Warhammer 40,000 novel to explore the Emperor's own guardians in the 41st Millennium, and Chris Wraight gets right to the heart of what makes them tick – and delivers a tale that will leave you on the edge of your seat as daemonic enemies assault the very heart of the Imperium.
This lavish edition is packed with additional features, as well as a bespoke design that will be sure to take pride of place on your bookshelf.

– 304-page hardback, plus original artwork page
– Brown leather effect cover with gold and black foiling
– Black and gold marker ribbons and gold page edging
– Includes author introduction and new bonus short story
– Signed by Chris Wraight and individually numbered from an edition of 1,000
– Only from
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Emperor's Legion
Also available in hardback
Want The Emperor's Legion on your shelf, but don't fancy the special edition? Get your hands on the hardback instead.
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Want to know what happens in The Emperor's Legion right now? Download the eBook or MP3 audiobook.
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Eye of Night
Eye of Night
An audio drama by Gav Thorpe
Tasked by Roboute Guilliman with capturing a dangerous artefact, Inquisitor Greyfax must venture into the very heart of darkness and face friends and foes she thought long dead…

This tale takes elements from the background to the classic Battlefleet Gothic and Inquisitor games, and ties them in to the Gathering Storm and the Dark Imperium in some wild and unexpected ways – prepare to discover some secrets about the Inquisition even as Greyfax places herself in incredible danger…
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Black Library Weekender
Join us in Nottingham on the 18th and 19th of November for the year's largest celebration of Black Library's adrenaline-fuelled fiction! It's a weekend of books, seminars, books, signings, and did we mention books?

We have now announced the full schedule for the event, so you can see everything that's on, and plan your weekend! Check it out on blacklibrary.
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