Friday, 1 September 2017

Warlord Games - Newsletter

Warlord Games end of week feature round-up...

Napoleonic Russia 1812!

This Black Powder Supplement charts Napoleon Bonaparte’s disastrous campaign in Russia during which the greatest army the world had ever seen was destroyed in just five months...

New Viking Range!

Begin your raids and create your trade networks with this complete raiding party!
Sailing to the shores of many countries these fearsome Raiders are ready to battle their way to Valhalla!

Manager's Summer Special!

The Fisher King was an alien warlord who, in the 20th century, conquered Tivoli, ruling the subservient population for ten years until his apparent death.

Tank War Starter Sets!

FREE mini A5 rulebook if you buy our starter set launch offer directly from the Warlord web store.
Crushing the Allies underneath their tracks, the German forces re-establish their place within the hierarchy of the world powers with the new German Tank War Starter set!
Taking on both the German and Japanese forces, the US unleashes their fury with the new US Tank War starter set.
Defeat the Axis and destroy the Third Reich once and for all with the new British tank war starter set.
Break your enemies will and smash their armour with the new Soviet tank war starter set, prove the might of Mother Russia comrade!

Sit Down in Plastic!

Cleaning their weapons and readying for battle, the new German passengers' frame is getting ready to continue fighting...

Russian Reinforcements!

It’s finally time for Russia to take back what is rightfully hers, and here are the tools to do it, the new IS-2 platoon.
Take on the full brunt of the German invasion and repel it with the new KV-1/2 platoon!

Now Available!

Providing transport for the NEW German plastic infantry, from the Blitzkrieg and on into Russia, comes the NEW plastic Opel Blitz that can also be made as the army workhorse - the Maultier!
The King Tiger, the pinnacle of German armament, a tank so deadly that barely anything within the Allies arsenal could stop it. Your King Tiger Zug is now available ready to order.

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