Friday, 15 September 2017

Forge World - Newsletter

New Blood Bowl releases from Forge World...
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A brutal renegade for your roster
Chaos Minotaurs may not be smart, but they're fast, strong and very, very dangerous on the pitch - just stay out of their way!
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Chaos Renegades
Kick off your
Chaos Renegades team
Getting started with your own Chaos roster is easy with this collection, featuring the powerful new Minotaur model as well as coins and tokens designed to suit your team.
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Chaos Renegades
Disorganised - but deadly
Build a versatile - if Chaotic - team with this handy collection, featuring three Big Guys plus all the players, coins and tokens you'll need.
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Match your tokens to your team
If you're looking to play the Chaos Renegades, you'll need these coins and tokens, specially styled to match your players.
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Top 10
The Forge World Top 10
Find out the most popular models from Forge World right now, and see if your favourites made the list - or pick up something new for your collection!
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