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Warlord Games - Wednesday Newsletter

Warlord Games Wednesday Newsletter...

Warlord's First Annual Warlord Painting Competition
Saturday 14th October sees the start of our first Annual Warlord Painting Competition! Bring your works of art and vie for the top award!

It's Birthday Time!

Free postage on all orders
FREE post on all orders! Our illustrious leader John Stallard is in a festive mood and with our 10th birthday on the horizon, John would like to share our celebration with everyone...
King Tiger
The King is in the house! Ruling the European battlefields with a steel fist, the new plastic King Tiger is almost ready for its fearsome debut...
Bolt Action
Make your tank ace
Tucked within the pages of Tank War are some extra cool ways to play your games, including a design your own Tank Ace system... Time to storm into a Tank War battle!
Grille Ausf. K
Jakob Lotz converts our Marder III Ausf. M tank destroyer into the Grille Ausf. K!
Tank markers and barbed wire
Now you have your new Tank War bundle you can see what the Damage Markers and Barbed Wire can do...add more drama and realism to your games!
Anti-Tank Obstacles
Tank Damage Markers
USMC Tutorial
In this tutorial, The War Gamer shows you how to paint U.S Marines from Bolt Action using the Army Painter Range of Paints!
USMC Infantry Box
LVT-4 Buffalo Amtrac
Black Powder
Russia 1812 Overview
We take a look at the Russian campaign of 1812 - where did it all go wrong for Napoleon?
A Clash of Eagles
Latest Releases
We’ve seen some great looking Isorian forces lately, and one of the most striking is Bill Tegeler’s Oxyo shard. Find out what was behind the theme for this unusual looking force.
Drone Command
The long-awaited Konflikt '47 supplement is near! Featuring new units, lists for the Japanese & Finnish, scenarios and much more! This also includes the special Gunso Fukkatsu figure you can only get with this book when ordering direct!
Resurgence Review
Want to see what is inside the book before you order? Fear not! The War Gamer flicks through the book giving you an early insight into what is concealed within the 100 pages...
Japanese Expansion Force
Japanese Starter Army
Bolt Action Grand Tournament
Derby Worlds
September Events
October Events
Coming this November
10th Birthday
Tickets to our 10th birthday bash are going fast so hurry to avoid disappointment! For seminars and participation game, this is the place!. Plus you can come and join John Stallard, Rick Priestley, Paul Sawyer, Andy Chambers, Alessio Cavatore and more from the wargaming world as they chat and share what's in the pipeline... 

Coming Soon for Antares...

Freeborn Compression Cannon
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