Tuesday, 19 September 2017

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Lost Hope
Justin D Hill
Desperate for extra troops for his campaign against a notorious heretic, General Ursarkar E Creed visits the prison planet of Lost Hope to conscript soldiers – but his foe has been there before him, and danger awaits…

This is the middle act of Justin D Hill's trilogy of short stories about Creed (you can download the first, 'Last Step Backwards' now, and watch for the third coming soon…) and pits this most archetypal of Astra Militarum commanders against treacherous Imperial servants and the greatest threat he's ever faced: a deadly Chaos Space Marine!

First time as a stand-alone eBook
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Emperor's Legion
Watchers of the Throne: The Emperor's Legion
Chris Wraight
Want the deluxe special edition of Chris Wraight's new novel, which pits the Custodian Guard against a tide of daemons on Terra itself? Of course you do… but you don't want to wait to read the story. No problem – buy the Special Edition and get the eBook half price, so you can start reading right away!
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BL Weekender
Discover the full line-up of seminars and signings at the biggest and best Black Library event of the year. Plan your day – see what rooms you want to be in to find out all the juicy secrets you've been dying to know, and where to be to get your favourite books signed by the authors. Download the schedule now from the Black Library website.

Fewer than 125 tickets left – pick yours up or risk missing out!
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