Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Warlord Games - Wednesday Newsletter

Warlord Games usual Wednesday newsletter...
Learn the background of Operation Pig-Stick and the Battle for Brussels in this first part of a new series!
What can players learn from Sea Lion? Konflikting Opinions take a look for you K'47 players out there! 
Blue 519 is a breakaway shard of the Panhuman Concord and Lea Davidson shows off why this shard is a strong force!
A report of an Antares Factions Games Day by Boscombe Down & Amesbury Wargames Club has been brought to you by Tim Bancroft.
Discover a Tsan-Ra army list for The Chryseis Shard which is supported with new squads!
To celebrate the release of our fantastic value Tank War sets, for this month only you will be able to download the Tank War book absolutely free. In addition, for any purchase of a tank war set, we will give you a free copy of the A5 Bolt Action rulebook!
Dave has been working on an interesting conversion for his British Bolt Action army! See why this mobile workshop was an asset to the army!
We're talking Jeeps today as John and Justin from Beasts of War unbox the British Airborne Jeep for Bolt Action!
Come celebrate our 10th birthday in a whopping 2-day extravaganza of activities, seminars and participation games, plus more to come!
Our US Demo Team will be attending ClawCon!
Perth's First Annual Tabletop, CCG and Board Gaming Convention will feature an Antares tournament!
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Our USA Demo Team was at Nova Open to show off some of our games! Check out what they got up to in this after action report!
Lone Star Historical Miniatures have sent us a thank you. Recently we supported the summer camp with some of our games!

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