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Modiphius Entertainment - Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Blog #5

More info on Modiphius's upcoming Fallout: Wasteland Warfare tabletop miniatures game...


Development Blog #5

We've just posted the latest development blog which is an update on progress towards our big pre-order. You can track it here: Development Blog but I've also copied the text below to save you the trouble!

Check out the latest episode of the Fallout Shelter Logic fan series by WeekendGeek to as we got featured! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3mSfoVhJVI

Here's a preview of the first character expansion for the Survivors which includes a more experienced Sole Survivor (you can use the male or female figure with the card), Codsworth and the latest preview sculpt of Dogmeat with goggles and bandana! 

The scale of the Behemoth has also been updated - he's quite a monster now! Our typical human, like Sole Survivor is 5'8" and in this scale 32mm from foot to eyes (which is how most commercial 32mm scale miniatures lines are measured). This image gives you a good guide to how he compares to the Brotherhood of Steel T60, a standard Super Mutant, the Deathclaw and the massive Behemoth

You can see both of these images on our Development blog in a bigger scale (just click on the images on the website to enlarge). 

All the models for Wave 1 and about 40% of Wave 2 are approved, the starter box cover art is approved, the only thing holding back the pre-order now is some costings from factories. We want the best price for everyone and if we rush we could get it wrong and that doesn't help anyone. The whole of wave 1 is 3d printed or being 3d printed right now as masters for the production process. We have done test production which you've seen in the photos of GenCon and now Jon our wargame manager is better (he had to go to hospital whilst demoing at Insomnia in the UK so truly was hurting for the hobby) we'll be doing some videos this week to show off how the rules work. The rules are now with the editor so they're complete and we're just working on final stats and balancing. The dice are going to production this week as the longest lead time and we're currently getting the design of the cards and counters approved, the rulebook layout design has been approved. Final testing and development work is happening on the settlement building and solo gameplay as well as scenario writing.

Bethesda has given the go ahead for the pre-order as soon as we're ready so it's all about the costs at this moment. This is a mix of UK resin production, cardboard packaging, China production on dice, cards and counter sheets, UK production on rulebooks and bringing them all together to be packed and shipped. As you can imagine that is a logistical mind melt at the best of times but we've got a good team on it. We'll aim to get some videos in the meantime so you can start getting to grips with how the game plays but bear with us and we'll get that pre-order going. 

Below you'll find a list of what products we have planned for the pre-order - we're aiming to give you the option of picking up as much of wave 1 as possible - which is the first 2-3 months releases. There will be some special bonuses for pre-ordering - some bundle deals and for those who go all in a familiar but special character with unit and gear cards. Pre-order bonuses are NOT exclusive - you'll be able to get them on the next pre-order or at special events like conventions we attend etc. I want to make sure it's special but everyone has a chance to get them no matter where you are. 

The plan is to do a big pre-order for each Wave so you can get some deals and get your order early enough so if you want to, you can support your local community and stores. It looks like we'll be shipping in January (being realistic with the number of different products we'll be producing for the pre-order), and you can pre-order from us soon, or from your local gaming store from around November. We'll be shipping into retail in late Feb or March so this will give those people involved in the demo team time to paint up their collections to help support their local stores. Remember to sign up to the Vault Dwellers demo team if you want to be involved. We'll be getting in touch with people who signed up very soon. 

There will be a Vault map so you can find the nearest store that is stocking or running demos and encouraging stores to get themselves on the map. Stores will get access to pre-order bonuses, we'll be giving them lots of support and there will be organised play kits.

We're aiming for the Pre-order to include the following items. There maybe some changes still and some items added in so use this as a rough guide, in particular some of the creatures, scenery and robots may be available separately outside of the retail sets. 

Two Player Starter Set
Sole Survivor Character Set 

Brotherhood of Steel Faction Set
Brotherhood of Steel Character Set

The Survivors Faction Set
The Survivors Character Set

Super Mutants Faction Set
Super Mutants Character Set

Wasteland Scenery Set
Wasteland Creature Set
Wasteland Robots Set
Red Rocket Scenery Set
Red Rocket Gaming Mat

Settlement Expansion Deck
Acrylic Tokens Set Upgrade Set
Acrylic Measuring Stick Upgrade Set
Nuka Cola Bottle Cap Set
Wasteland Modding Sprue

Example play through videos will becoming next! 

You can discuss this and other topics like painting, demos, factions, etc in our Fallout: Wasteland Warfare forum. 

Thanks for listening!
Chris, Modiphius

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