Friday, 15 September 2017

Warlord Games - Friday Newsletter

Warlord Games Friday newsletter with a very interesting upcoming model near the bottom...

Shipping Today!

Coming off pre-order - this Black Powder Supplement charts Napoleon Bonaparte’s disastrous campaign in Russia during which the greatest army the world had ever seen was destroyed in just five months.

Fight for Europe!

The tyranny of Napoleon will end today, by the blades and muskets of the new Prussian Landwehr Regiment!
Containing enough models to make a complete Brigade, the Prussian Landwehr make up the backbone of this durable army.

Invade Russia!

There's nothing more stirring than the sight of hundreds of men, horses, and cannons marching into battle! With this set, you too can collect the brave Polish men of Poniatowski's 5th Corps, as they march with Napoleon into the heart of Russia...
Fighting to secure Napoleon's reign over Europe, the new Polish Vistula Legion marches to battle...
With enough models to create a whole Brigade, the Polish Vistula Legion is ready to fight and die for Napoleon.
Sweeping through the flank of your enemy, the new Napoleonic Polish Line Light Horse Lancers mow down your opponents.
This bundle has the right amount of horses for a cavalry brigade, lead the charge to the downfall of Napoleons' enemies.

Antares Army Lists Version 2.0!

Following the release of the Chryseis shard supplement - the next generation of Antares Army Lists are now available for download!
KojirĊ leads a gang of bandits and brigands with a reputation for robbing travellers in sudden, vicious attacks. His lack of mercy has earned him the nickname ‘Oni’ – the Demon.
In this issue, our latest game Blood Red Skies gets its time in the spotlight, events such as Historicon and Partizan get covered and there is a reoccurring theme of revolution!

Plus much more!

Waterloo 1815!

The Battle of Waterloo became a true landmark in military history, nothing on such a grand scale would be seen again.
This starter set for Black Powder contains everything needed to start your campaign for victory at Waterloo!

Tank War!

Roll onto your battlefields in your armies' latest armour with these superb and action packed great value sets that include a FREE A5 Bolt Action second edition rulebook!

'Tis but a scratch...

Get yours on the 14/15th of October!

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