Thursday, 14 September 2017

Privateer Press - September Releases

Some new recruits for the Grymkin coming your way this month...

MiniCrate    No QuarterGrymkin Release Event
The Wanderer – Grymkin Warlock in Stores Now!
If you care not where you roam, every road will take you home.
Traveling the unknown parts of Caen, the Wanderer once wished only to go where he pleased—until his confinement within the depths of Urcaen drove him mad. Now freed from that hell, he roams the world seeking those marked by sin to deliver upon them his own twisted and tortuous justice.

PIP 76005
MSRP $21.99
Frightmare – Grymkin Light Warbeast in Stores Now!
SCREAM AND SCREAM and scream again
For you have seen the frightmare’s grin!

Born of the deepest fears of The Child, the frightmare is a mélange of horrors embodying all that is wrong in the world. Staggering onto the battlefield, it disgorges foul bile to punish the enemies of the grymkin, so that even a victory against them is tainted with foulness.

PIP 76011
MSRP $17.99
Murder Crows – Grymkin Unit in Stores Now!
Cruel beaks, unblinking eyes, slashing talons…all hope dies. 

Hideously transformed for their transgressions against others, murder crows creep into the battles of the Wicked Harvest to reap a deadly toll. Appearing seemingly from nowhere, these unnatural assassins are adept at singling out and eliminating vital targets to aid the armies of the grymkin.

PIP 76016
MSRP $37.99
 Piggybacks - Grymkin Unit In Stores Now!
Squeal for us, it sounds so nice. ’Tis your reward for gluttony’s vice!
Living testaments to the dangers of overindulgence, piggybacks serve as a cautionary tale to all who would surrender to the pleasures of the flesh. The hogs chuff gleefully over the tormented moaning of their withered mounts—tortured souls who must forevermore bear their crushing burdens in battle for the Wicked Harvest of the grymkin.
PIP 76019
MSRP $44.99
Forces of HORDES: Skorne Command in Stores Now!
From the blasted Stormlands of eastern Immoren march the cruel armies of the Skorne Empire, intent on the ultimate conquest of the Iron Kingdoms. Disciplined ranks of Cataphracts and Praetorians march side by side with exotic and deadly warbeasts that have been brought to heel through pain hooks and the lash. Leading them in battle are the potent and merciless skorne warlocks. Having mastered the dark art of mortitheurgy, these warrior-mystics push their implacable soldiers and raging warbeasts past normal physical and mental limits - sometimes even past death itself.
Forces of HORDES: Skorne Commandprovides the foundation you need to march toward glorious conquest with:
• Complete rules and profiles for the brutal warlocks and pain-fueled warbeasts of the Skorne Empire, including two new warlocks and a new character warbeast.
• A selection of units and solos that can form the hard-hitting backbone of your Skorne army.
• Detailed history and background information on the skorne and their martial culture.
• A painting guide full of tips and inspiration to help you create an army as individual as you are.
• Two new theme forces that allow you to create specialized Skorne armies with specific benefits.
Soft Cover: 
PIP 1096
MSRP $31.99

Hard Cover:
PIP 1097
MSRP $41.99
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