Saturday, 16 September 2017

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A new Deadzone faction from Mantic Games...
The Galactic Co-Prosperity Sphere’s expansion has been swift and reckless, and has now reached the perilous Death Arc. When the Plague bursts upon the colonies, GCPS Marines have to fight for their survival in an uncaring, dangerous galaxy.
The GCPS are almost here and to celebrate we're giving newsletters subscribers the GCPS Deadzone rules before anyone else! You can now download this eight-page booklet, which contains all the stats and units needed to field the GCPS in your games of Deadzone!
The stats have been put together by the Deadzone Rules Committee and they've created a force that excels in firepower and the ability to overwhelm the enemy with relatively inexpensive units.
Along with the units, there's also a handy weapons guide, so you know what to field in your force. That Thermal Rifle certainly looks rather tasty.
If the free rules have whetted your appetite, then make sure you pre-order the GCPS Faction Starter, which includes 24 miniatures. The Faction Starter will start shipping from September 22nd.
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Need to bolster your forces? The GCPS Faction Starter comes with a mighty Strider and extra specialists to kit out your squard.
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Along with the GCPS, we've also released a brand new booklet for the Asterians. This includes new units, like the Black Talon Prime and Support Drones.
Just like the GCPS booklet, you'll also find a handy guide to the various weapons used by the mysterious and aloof Asterians.
Along with the new Asterian booklet, there's also a revised Faction Starter for these ancient aliens. And now you've got the rules to use the hard plastic drones!
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Next up there's a new Asterian Faction Booster, which includes the deadly Pulse Bombard! Blast your foes from afar with this Indirect beast!
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Next week is Monster Week - get a closer look at the Dwarf Steel Behemoth and Revenant King on Undead Wyrm.
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